It Was a Very Good Year Indeed: Vero Vine Looks Back on 2014


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‘Twas the week before Christmas and all around the coast, not even Vero Man was stirring, awaiting our post.  Boat parades had dazzled; the Nutcracker was danced; polo ponies were prancing awaiting our stance. Cats & dogs & turtles; cloud walkers & skimmers; sunrises & sunsets; trains & pineapples galore.  Hold on to your lines, 2015 holds so very much more!   Vero Vine has enjoyed a phenomenal first year informing and engaging our community and wants to thank each and every one of you for your participation, subscriptions, and excitement for the Treasure Coast’s first and only online grapevine.  A LOVE for the Treasure Coast, Vero and the treasure trove of community events, places to go and things to do, led us into this media adventure.  YOUR engagement keeps us loving what we do and we look forward to growing Vero Vine and the Vine community in 2015. I am often asked why I love Vero so much and it is a question that has a simple response yet might require a novel to explain in detail.  Those that love Vero love this place and community BECAUSE it is VERO.  Simple as that.  The details are in the community.  It is one of those loves in life that you just know.  Those with the same love, just know.  It is similar to a child saying:  “I love my Mommy because she is my Mommy”. A recent email conversation between a new fan & Vero Vine sums up our goals perfectly:
Hi Vero Vine, stumbled on you kinda by mistake … But glad that I did.  I love some of the pictures on your site taken by local photographers.  I was wondering how I might submit one for consideration to be used.  Keep up the good work of keeping us informed. Sincerely, Skip Murphy ( your newest fan ).
Vero Vine’s response:
“You can submit photos or suggestions by email or tag social media posts with #verovine and we will share.  Welcome aboard.  We try to have fun and be a nice contrast to the other negative media out there.  Vero Vine is a positive change movement in your community.”
Vero Vine welcomes each and every one of your submissions be it a photograph, classified, eventbusiness listing, suggestion or comment.  Keep it coming and Vero Vine will keep on sharing. Here’s to a warm, safe and celebratory holiday season to all the Vero Vine community.  2014 was a wonderful year.  Vero Vine looks forward to new adventures and growing our community in 2015.  Stay with us, tell your friends and lets all continue the sharing. Cheers to closing out 2014 and welcoming 2015! Warmest wishes from your Vero Vine family.  

The Most Popular Photos and Videos of 2014:

Most Liked Post: Pineapple Man’s Sweet Treasures Pineapples Most Liked Photo: Jungle Trail Sunset Sunset for Dec article Most Liked Album: Jungle Trail Sunsets Jungle Trail Sunsets Most Commented Photo: Vero’s Best Dog Contest Winner Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 7.47.44 PM Most Viewed Photo: Gigantic Nurse Shark nurse-shark-vero-beach Most Viewed Video: Nurse Shark Returns

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