A Fantabulous Family Art Zone

writing & photos by Sherry Nist

Get in the Art Zone & prepare to be absolutely amazed!  Whether you are shy of 9 months or 99 years old, Vero Beach Museum of Art’s new interactive children’s space is a visually stunning & incredibly engaging space that will have your family playing, participating & “funning” for hours. Immerse yourselves in art you are encouraged to touch & manipulate coupled with hands-on creative stations that are sure to inspire a bit of artistic license in even the least creative among your brood. 


Art Zone guarantees to tickle all five of your senses as you explore more than ten different play areas:  floor to ceiling chalkboard & magnetic walls; a giant puzzle floor; a ceiling of major constellations; an art gallery wall with movable frames; a puppet theater and my absolute favorite, an entire digitized wall aquarium featuring interactive sea-life.  Color a drawing of your favorite sea creature & watch it come to life as your sea creature swims around the virtual aquarium. Amazing!

I was simply dazzled by the brilliance & amount of thought, time & effort put in to creating the Art Zone. Trust me when I say your first visit will most certainly not be your last.








Sherry Nist