Cloudwalking South Beach: Surf, Sand, Sunrise & Healing

Qi Gong in Vero Beach

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Each and every morning around 7am, 365 days a year (yes Christmas & New Years too), John Walcott can be found on South Beach leading all who choose to show up in the ancient art of Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Gung).  The “Cloudwalker” (John) and the early birds celebrate “Sun, Sea, Sky & Earth” right there on the beach in an incredibly moving exercise experience that soothes both one’s body and mind.  South Beach’s majestic sunrise and the roll of the surf accompany “slow, gentle, harmonious movements which loosen and limber your joints and ligaments”:  Cloudwalker Qi Gong.  This sunrise exercise stretches and tones muscles and tendons while stimulating internal organs and glands.  A spectacular sight for spectators; invigorating for participants; Cloudwalking is LIFE CHANGING to those making a habit of Qi Gong. Regardless of what you believe, how can beach sunrises combined with body stretching and awakening with nice people be a bad thing?  Believe me it is NOT!  If you want to delve deeper in to the details, Qi Gong is a part of traditional Chinese Medicine.  Chinese Medicine does NOT separate the mind from the body and visa versa.  Qi Gong IS exercise but it also stimulates every one of your body’s systems.  Internal massage is the key and if you have had a massage, you know how absolutely wonderful it can make you feel.  Qi Gong works wonders through deep, therapeutic INTERNAL massage that basically “oxygenates” your entire system; your “endocrine system is balanced”  and your nervous system relaxes.  Real relaxation is the key to a positive body and mind. Talk with some folks who have practiced Cloudwalking with John and their stories are amazing tales of healing and happiness.  There are practitioners who have had dangerously high blood pressure that not only lowered their dangerous BP numbers but also NO longer take any medication for their condition!  A Vero Beach resident who had taken two sleeping pills EVERY NIGHT for 15 years was able to stop the pills and résumé restful sleep after only 3 weeks of practice.  The testimonies are endless.  Qi Gong is “proven to activate the dormant 90% of the human brain resulting in significant improvement in all brain functions”.  Among the maladies Qi Gong eradicates with regular practice:  Anxiety, Depression, HIgh Blood Pressure, Asthma, Neuropathy, Digestive Disorders, Panic Disorders, Insomnia and Immune Disorders.  The list goes on. Cloudwalker John’s journey into this discipline began as a teenager, living in Brooklyn, New York, struggling with Asthma.  He noticed that all his track teammates involved in Martial Arts were performing at optimal levels while he was struggling daily with breathing and vitality issues.  Idolizing Bruce Lee, he found himself seeking out Manhattan based Kung Fu Grandmaster Alan Lee.  Dr. Lee, a PhD in Electrical Engineering, transformed John’s life!  All these years later, John is dedicated to paying that forward here in Vero Beach. John has a drive, gift and passion for leading and mentoring youth in life.  He uses his vast knowledge and experience in Kung Fu, Karate and Qi Gong to teach youth classes (5 to 18) both in his studio and through Youth Guidance of Vero and the Homeless Family Center.  Youth from single family homes and other difficult life situations receive Karate and Qi Gong training along with organic snacks, tutoring, grief counseling and one-on-one mentoring.  After 6 weeks of good behavior every student receives a brand new Karate uniform funded by local philanthropists Rick & Stephanie Zimmerman and Bradford & Mona Endicott.  Sounds like a wonderful Win-Win!  As John proudly states:  “nobody above the Green Belt has asthma, digestive disorders, anxiety, immune issues, panic disorders”.  Their illnesses recede while their confidence soars! Do head to South Beach some morning soon or contact John at The Cloudwalker Place.  Your life or at least your day, will never be the same! FURTHER INFORMATION: The Cloudwalker Place, 1533 US 1 (Kmart Plaza), Vero Beach. (772) 318-7660 Studio (772) 453-6449 John’s cell    
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