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About The Vine

Information for the Community, by the Community

The ultimate goal of the Vine is to bring the community closer together through community interaction. When businesses and non-profit organizations succeed, the community as a whole will thrive and grow. As Vero Beach's first digital "grapevine," Vero Vine allows community members to provide and seek information on events and local businesses, as well as personal recommendations and referrals.

Online grapevine communities are sprouting up in cities around the country. It was time for Vero Beach to take part in this new American trend, and thus, Vero Vine was created.

The evolution of Vero Vine

Meghan Visconte started Vero Vine with the idea of becoming more involved in the community with her blended family of four children. Like any mother wanting to fill her children's schedules with plenty of fun and educational activities, discovering all of the local event information and business specials is a tedious and time consuming task. She thought there has to be a better way. Meghan figured that if she was going to research things to do with her family, why not share it with others. Then she realized if everyone would contribute a little bit, the Vine would grow even bigger.

Facebook was a great way to spread the word, but she felt that the information needed to be prepared in a format that was much easier to digest. Thus, the weekly Vero Vine emails started going out. This process was evolving into something much bigger than Meghan knew how to handle. So, she turned to Stacy Cook, whose extensive experience with online marketing and website development made the Vine what it is today. Web site visitors can now submit community information directly on Facebook or and the information is included in the weekly emails Meghan sends out.

Best of all, it is free for everyone including businesses. Anyone can contribute. Everyone benefits!

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