Vero Verse A Cry in the Wild

The word cry appears as possible euphemisms
A concern, deeply rooted in many altruisms
“Cry me a river” is something you say
When someone weeps to get their way
“Crying wolf” is begging for help when not needed
Resulting when necessary the need goes unheeded

A “cry baby” spills copious tears
Seeking the attention of their many peers
Just as over anything cries a baby
Is this request serious, maybe?

A situation at best misguided
Caused by opinions at best lopsided
Others might declare it’s a “crying shame”
That what you said or done is lame
Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to obviate
“No use crying over spilled milk” to abrogate
Just move forward and try not to repeat
One mistake doesn’t foretell everlasting defeat
“A shoulder to cry on” everyone desires
This expression suggests there are suppliers
To quell the anguish that is felt
Especially when a thing is not easily dealt
All expressions including cry
Convey a reaction that may magnify
The good news is crying discharges tension
The results which are too copious to mention

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