New ‘Planet Yum’ (Hero Pops) of Vero Beach


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Raspberry Lemon Planet YumWhile traveling to St. Augustine, FL, Savannah, GA, Wilmington, NC and Charleston, SC, I began to notice a trend in that each of these historic cities has their own local popsicle company. It made me realize that in these port cities and beach towns just how much a part of the culture it is, and what a treat to have this in our own community. Especially a popsicle maker with such a health conscious mind.

If you are a foodie like me you will appreciate they are all natural and organic. There are even super food encapsulated pops, Pond Yum. There are even  supplement products available.

image05This new product line has been so popular. In fact, the company is now changing it’s name to “Planet Yum”.

The ingredients are simple and we especially liked the raspberry lemon flavor and the orange cream which tastes EXACTLY like a creamsicle from our youth, minus the artificial flavor, color and the dairy.

Sold in various stores around the Treasure Coast.

Pond Yum

Nerd Out:  Did you know that the “Pond Yum” logo was created by a street artist from Atlanta, R Land. He also does work for TV on Adult Swim network on the show Squidbilly. He is similar to Bansky from Exit Through the Gift Shop movie but he has been doing it longer and is not as famous. I love street art. They are all getting famous now due to the film spreading awareness. The Obey street artist with the Andre the giant images, which I saw a top a building in Charleston, SC just a few days ago. “Planet Yum” is bringing street art into their freezers on pop packaging.

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