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by Eden Colonna – Vero Vine Intern / Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Student

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Planet Yum, located in Downtown Vero Beach, is one of the few cafes in Vero that offers all vegan options.  Originally, their main focus was their vegan popsicles that are exclusively plant based. These corner sold, gluten and dairy free vegan pops were so popular, they led owner, Michael Haggerty to open a cafe around the corner selling not only vegan pops, but other enticing vegan items as well.  I’ve heard great things about this place, so let’s jump right in and see what this place has to offer.


Nitro Coffee – ($2.50) – The first menu item we were able to taste was the cold brewed iced coffee with added cane sugar and almond milk. Coffee is always a must for me, but let me tell you, this is my new go to place to sip on an iced coffee this summer.  It has that perfect kick of coffee flavor that you’re looking for, without being too strong.  Together the almond milk and cane sugar made it perfectly sweet and creamy.   


Belgian Waffle – ($5.50) – We were then presented with this beautiful Belgian Waffle sample. It was topped with strawberries, chocolate sauce and homemade coconut whipped cream.  These waffles were light and fluffy, and tasted just like a freshly made waffle cone.  The coconut whipped cream and chocolate sauce was subtle, however, the strawberries added a delicious, empowering flavor with each bite.


Grilled Bagel Deluxe (GF) – ($4.50) – Moving on we tasted a grilled bagel with vegan chive cream cheese, tomatoes, red onion and sunflower sprouts.  There was a perfect mix of textures. The red onion was a bit overpowering, but other than that it was phenomenal.  I am a huge fan of chive cream cheese and not only were the ingredients on this bagel appetizing, the bagel by itself was delicious.  I loved the flavor it achieves from the grill.


Field Roast Seitan Vegan Burger – ($8.50) –  Before I say anything, you must know that this is by far, one of the best burgers I have ever had.  You wouldn’t expect it to be vegan.  The “burger” patty is simultaneously juicy, crispy and flavorful!  The ingredients all compliment each other very well and the texture is perfect!


Vegan Soft Serve in Waffle Bowl – ($5.00) –  Just like the burger, you would not expect this chocolate vanilla swirled ice cream to be vegan.  The melt-in-your-mouth chocolate shell goes perfectly on top of the sweet and creamy, custard like ice cream.  At this point of the review, I was happily stuffed but I could not let this heavenly treat go to waste.



Planet Yum’s Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Pop – ($3.00) – I was too stuffed to try one of Planet Yum’s vegan popsicles so I took one for the road.  There is such a wide variety of flavors, yet I was informed that the Chocolate Almond Sea Salt was a big hit so of course I had to try it.  To me, it tasted like a chocolate covered fudgesicle with almonds, but without the guilt!  It was so creamy, crunchy and a perfect guilt free summer snack!


In Conclusion:  

I wholeheartedly enjoyed every second of my experience at Planet Yum.  The employees were more than friendly and made you feel right at home!  I wish that I had the opportunity to taste every menu item because what I did taste, was outstanding.  If you’ve never considered eating an all vegan meal before due to it being stereotypically “bland”,  Planet Yum is anything  but, so you definitely need to check them out!  I recommend It to anyone and everyone!


About Eden Colonna:  Eden is a Sophomore at Florida Atlantic University studying Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts.  She desires to pursue a career in the food and beverage industry.  Eden’s energetic love for culinary arts has introduced her to “The Food Guy”, food blogger and restaurant critic.  Eden resides in Vero Beach during the summer and is currently interning for Vero Beach Foodie, writing and reviewing restaurants for

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Planet Yum is now permanently closed.

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