“Wholistic” Care: A New National Trend in Your Backyard

A New Trend in Healthcare Changes in healthcare and health insurance are red hot topics.  Few of us escape the heavily bureaucratic and confusing world that is modern medicine.  Insurance companies seem to be holding the reigns – leaving healthcare consumers, pharmacists and providers scrambling to navigate the new order.  Simple injuries or illnesses can become complex experiences directed by unaffiliated doctors, pharmacies, physical therapists, secondary providers and of course insurance companies.  Collaboration does not often occur and patients are left trying to coordinate the pieces of their healthcare puzzle.  Talk about frustrating.
Whole Family Health Center

The Whole Family Health Center Waiting Area is Much Like Your Living Room at Home

Thank goodness there is a better, kinder, gentler and more collaborative model of healthcare (and I am not speaking of socialized medicine).  Integrative health is gaining popularity all over the country.  Think of integrative health as a “one stop shop” for your entire family.  Various professionals collaborate together, in a single practice, to care for and manage most of your family’s physical and emotional healthcare needs. The Treasure Coast (Vero Beach & Fort Pierce) is fortunate to have an integrative medical practice treating healthcare as a whole and not a sum of many parts.  Whole Family Health Center “became a reality on April 1, 2013 after a group of dedicated individuals on the Treasure Coast decided to expand the scope of service of their existing medical facility to offer comprehensive primary care services to the community”.  This is the best of medicine and it is available and thriving in our own backyard.
Whole Family Health CenterWhole Family Health Center is a collaboration of twenty-seven professionals providing exceptional medical care to their patients in a caring and enthusiastic manner.  The moment you walk through their door you know they are not your ordinary medical practice.  Peaceful artwork, scented candles and overstuffed chairs are reminiscent of a spa; this is not your average waiting area.  Gone is the sterile, impersonal environment we know too well.  Forget about those butterflies in your stomach and “white coat hypertension”, Whole Family welcomes you with soothing arms. Services include adult and pediatric medical care; health education and promotion; health assessments; screening and behavioral health services.  Whole Family’s medical staff are traditionally trained in Internal & Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Psychiatry and Psychology.  Together, they break the traditional model by committing themselves to the best medical care your family can receive.  Their focus is on the integration of symptoms and systems through these guiding principles: Caring & Compassion; Responsibility & Accountability; Excellence & Efficiency; Adaptability to Change; Honoring Diversity; Teamwork and providing YOU the best VALUE for your healthcare dollars. Give Whole Family Health Center a call and see how they will change the way you do healthcare in an amazing way.  Vero is growing up and the growth is bringing so many positive changes. To your health!
Are you tired of waiting for an appointment? Whole Family Health Center, Vero Beach:  772-257-5785.
Whole Family Health Center, Fort Pierce:  772-468-9900.
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Sherry Nist