Vero Verse – The Tale of a Scale

Written by: Nancilee Wydra
Art by Ginny Piech Street

The following story is a tale
About a fifteen-year-old scale
That I thought was reliable
And what I weighed was undeniable

The scale was ancient thus I was advised
To purchase one that’s digitized
I did, then to my dismay
So many pounds less did I weigh

A chill ran up and down my spine
And although I was feeling fine
I knew something must be wrong
Was I rushing headlong?
Into being extremely ill
Was my health slipping downhill?

Then I realized why this had happened
The coils on the old scale had slackened
This pushed up my weight
Causing this weight mistake

The moral of this wacky tale
If you want to be thin, buy a new scale

Nancilee Wydra
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