Vero Verse The Tale of a Scale

The Tale of a Scale
(the easiest way to lose weight)

The following tale
About a fifteen-year-old scale
I thought was reliable
And my weight undeniable
Because it was old, I was advised
To purchase one that’s digitized
I did, then to my dismay
So many pounds less did I weigh
Never thinking it was a mistake
Shockingly it showed I lost so much weight
A chill ran up and down my spine
And although I was feeling fine
I knew something must be wrong
And I was hurrying headlong
This unleashed tremendous unease
Was I getting a serious disease?

Calling my doctor’s office and voicing my misgivings
Would this sudden weight lose mean the completion of living?
Was this new poundage which I thought was too light
And fearful that this would lead to my final goodnight
The nurse looked up my chart without taking my bait
For goodness sakes this was always your weight
Ah, light bulb kicked in, then I realized why this happened

The coils on the former scale had slackened
After all these years the coils inside
Lost their tensile strength and began to slide
Loose springs pushed up the statistics
It was the cause of me going ballistic
The moral of this wacky tale
Want to lose weight? Buy another scale

Nancilee Wydra
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