Vero Verse Holiday Overeating

Holidays are time-wise fleeting
One joy is overeating
If you’re a nudist it must feel crummy
To have food drop from mouth to tummy

On Christmas eve there’s a giant feast
Sure to make BMI’s increase
Who could resist piled high platters?
Filled with, but does it really matter?
Few are chastised for eating too much food
Carbohydrates alter a grouchy mood
When your appetite has been quelled
And your stomach has amply swelled
You don’t stop but continue on
Till it’s awkward to control a yawn

You start seeing double and you begin to mumble
Get up and leave before you stumble
Unhook your bra miss, undo your belt sir
Go put bromide in a glass of seltzer
And if you are the least bit smart
You’ll swiftly leave before you fart

Nancilee Wydra
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