Vero Verse – Global Warming

Things that once were local are now transforming
Consider corona viruses plus global warming
We can’t ignore these realities
Like brutal heat waves or a winter’s freeze
Rising sea levels, and far more hurricanes
It’s the same offender that’s to blame

Human activities account for this unfortunate transformation
Burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation

Creature comforts don’t have to end
Just let’s look at how our money we spend
Since carbon dioxide is one major perpetrator
There is much we can do to handle and deflat-her

Trees inhale carbon dioxide, exhale oxygen in the air
Humans exhale carbon dioxide far more than their fair share
Planting and saving trees will provide relief
Gobbling up carbon dioxide, our planet’s thief

Here in Vero, we can do our part
All we have to do is start
Protecting Vero’s grand, long-standing trees
Keep them alive and free of disease

Nancilee Wydra
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