Vero Verse Driving to Soccer Practice

Driving to soccer, and play dates galore
Can’t ever let my children be bored
What will happen to my darling tike?
When having to organize doing what they like?
What other things didn’t I teach?
Like how to discover if a peach
Is way to soft to buy
Unless they want to bake a pie
I taught them how to make a bed
Not how to un-trap a mouse when dead
And if all modern conveniences were obliterated
Would it mean that they’d be fated
Not knowing how to deal
With what to them would seem surreal
Yes, they learned how to shovel snow
But have no clue to make pizza dough
There are many things they’d have to learn

As the page of time is turned
But I taught them how to be inventive
By never being inattentive
And this is what I feel is needed
To tackle problems unimpeded

Nancilee Wydra
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