Vero Verse Bring Home the Bacon

Bring Home the Bacon

Why did bacon end up representing cash?
It seems like an example of pure balderdash
Yet once in a while pig are allowed
To amuse a raucous, carnival crowd

When County Fairs have a “Greased Pig Competition”
You can only imagine both contestant’s condition
The object is a greased pig to catch
Whoever thought people and pigs in a match

To make it hard to grasp, pigs are greased
Just before from the pen they’re released
Will the pig resist being wrestled to the ground?
Will the human be able to pin the pig down?

If the human wins they take
The pig home to fry or bake
With body aching if I’m not mistaken
The winner gets to bring home the bacon

Now bacon has come to represent
Grocery money that can be spent

Nancilee Wydra
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