Vero Verse Big History Starts the Second After

Big History Starts the Second After

Big history starts the second after
The big bang and then came hereafter
At first the universe was incredibly hot and dense
A sort of a quark soup that had yet to make sense
Only hydrogen, helium and lithium were there
Morphing into millions of stars unconnected by air

Lots of elements were then created by fusing
As not a scientist to me it’s confusing
But how did elements end up sticking together
Not to mention the inescapable variations of weather

Then clusters of specialized cooperating cells started a revolution
Initiating far reaching outcomes we’ve named evolution
We’d like to believe evolution’s pinnacle came
With mammals that ironically generated useful and lame
Then Broca and Wernicke delivered wider messaging abilities
Thus, humans topped the charts with elaborate interaction facilities
Allowing humans to control what happens on this planet
Paradoxically contributing to all that will vanish

The outcome “Insane Clown Posse” wrote will also end with a bang
What started it will end it, consequences boomerang
Pow! All is gone, the universe is inevitable doomed
No one escapes; everything consumed
What happens to history after its wake
That what we call reality is really a fake

Nancilee Wydra
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