Vero Beach Paddle Board Rentals

Vero Beach Paddle Board Rentals

Stand Up Paddleboarding is a journey of realizations, which is exactly what you will experience should you pursue a regular practice of SUP. Like with any practice you are best served to approach it without judgment, with patience, and with grace.

To start, rent your way through this stage of the journey; you’ll meet people along the way that like you, are discovering the beauty of our paradise. They love the time spent on the water, the efforts it takes to get their clients prepared, and keeping everyone safe. And they love sharing what they know all along the experience. You can build long-lasting relationships with many of these people and their businesses.

Renting equipment in Vero Beach is easy. It is best to think about what you want to experience and be a part of. The people are all in business and will have you sign waivers with agreements of responsibilities. You may be experienced with these forms but review them to be sure you understand where everyone stands.

Stand Up Paddling with Children

The waters sing to us a siren’s song, calling us if only for a chance sighting of its vastness. We sense our own smallness in its grandeur. And with a calling comes a sense of risk, of consequence knowing full well that we are not borne on its tides but on its shores. Start your SUP journey on the flat water of the Indian River.

Think of what you want to see. In the Indian River, location is going to determine the variety of wildlife, the flora and fauna, and the views. You might think it is all the same but the differences are real and in the subtleties lay much of the deeper adventures you will have. Each of the rental companies below will have strengths based on their knowledge, locations they serve, and the equipment they rent.

What'SUP Vero Beach

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For Indian River SUP experiences there are several outfitters and rental companies that will be able to help you. Go to their websites and dig in to understand the value that each will bring to the experience. Some will have all-inclusive rates, some ala carte, and some will have delivery fees. Review the websites below and ask questions when you call to reserve.

Think about logistics. What do you have for transporting the equipment? Will they deliver and retrieve equipment? Do you want a tour? What provisions will you need…besides water? Always take water with you. Think too about weather and tides, ask how you may be impacted and for the safest directions to take for the time you are paddling. Will you need bug spray? You will always need sunscreen and protective clothing. It is highly recommended that you wear water shoes in the Indian River or any inland body of water. My recommendation is to never paddle alone. Get a paddle buddy, get a crew, or ask to be included in a group. Take safety into account at all costs.

Oceanfront hotels typically have a contractor renting equipment and by this point, most are offering SUP rentals. Disney Vero Beach Resort is, in fact, a Disney experience. Vero Beach & Spa and the Holiday Inn both use Paddles By the Sea. Costa d’Este uses Boucher Brothers. At the Historic Driftwood Inn use Shark Bait Beach Rentals. Each has a variety of equipment so please check with the Concierge or Front Desk to find out what they offer and how they manage the equipment. Go to each of their websites to better understand where you’ll be paddling and what sites you might encounter. In some cases, you may want to rent from a company other than the one at your hotel. If you are in Central Vero Beach, they may be closer to the Breconshire Wreck for example or you may prefer the equipment they are renting.

Visit more than one rental company to get a handle on what their equipment is like. Boards and paddles used for rentals are often more durable and thus made from different materials. They will all be the wider boards for beginners but some of the distinctions make for a different user experience. Make your experience a good one by understanding what and how you will be using the equipment. Paddling for two or more hours in the ocean or the Indian River will tire you out on a calm day. If you encounter a higher wind or a stronger current, you’ll be tired faster. If at all possible carry bottled water or a full Nalgene bottle with you or hydration.

Another thing about ocean paddling, some of the rental vendors named here may not allow their boards in the ocean. They will tell you right away but do ask up front. Ocean paddling needs to be addressed with a very high respect and a sense of humility. There are similar elements with other bodies of water but the ocean is the least forgiving. The sun and wind are more intense for your skin and eyes. Your balance is going to be tested even in calm seas.

Simply stated be aware of your surroundings in all you do in and on the water. Have fun.

Just keep paddling.

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