Vero Beach a Hidden Paradise

While many Americans only see main cities, like Orlando or Miami, as the focal points of Florida, these places can be overpopulated with tourism and very expensive. There are hundreds of other places all over Florida that embody Florida’s history and culture just as much, if not more than, it’s bigger and more well-known cities. Vero Beach is a prime example of that.

With a population of around 16,000, this small city is nestled right on the East coast of Florida. Most people have never heard of it, though everyone who visits find their own little home within the community.

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There is no Vero Beach without the beaches. Vero Beach has a multitude of beaches surrounded by shops and restaurants, so you don’t have to walk far to have a good time.

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Jaycee Park is the place to go for family gatherings with open and covered picnic areas as well as playgrounds for children. The Sexton Plaza has a gorgeous view of the beach and is surrounded by beachside restaurants like Ocean Grill and Mulligan’s. Even walking down Ocean Drive is an exciting venture to be able to see the different shops and cafes that the barrier island has to offer.

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You might even get the chance to see some sea turtles hatching and make their way towards the ocean! Sea turtle nesting season is from early March until the end of October, but make sure you are educated on the proper way to hunt for hatching sea turtles before you go, so as to not disturb their natural process.

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The historic Downtown District of Vero Beach is definitely the place to go for some good food and shopping. For the past couple of years, the downtown area, located mainly along 14th avenue, has been growing rapidly. With the addition of restaurants like Taco Dive and Southern Social, as well as shops like Seahorse Lane Boutique, the downtown area has been revitalized and has become very popular and lively.

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You might even be lucky enough to be in town during one of our Downtown Friday events held on the last Friday of every month! A street party filled with live music as well as street and food vendors, Downtown Friday can put anyone in a good mood!

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Vero Beach also offers multiple art experiences. Riverside Theatre is always putting on an abundance of shows, like Gypsy or Legally Blonde, for everyone to enjoy. The Vero Beach Museum of Art is a treasure in this small town that offers art exhibits, performances, an art research library, and a sculpture garden! You could spend all day getting lost in the arts.

Vero Beach’s welcoming community is its best quality. Everyone in this small-town knows how lucky they are and what a treasure it is to live in such a small paradise. There is nothing else like it.

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