Time for a Little House Keeping

Ever feel like you’re missing posts from Vero Vine or other pages you like on Facebook?

Your newsfeed is controlled by Facebook. To fix the issue go to our page and select “Liked” (on the cover photo) and then “Get Notifications” to stay up to date on everything posted. If you don’t click “Like” on our posts regularly then eventually Facebook assumes you don’t want to see the posts and gradually removes them from your newsfeed. You have taken the time to like us and we want to make sure the photos get to you.
Ever feel like you missed something in a weekly email or even a full email issue? Many times emails are stuck in your spam or promotions folders. Click to add us to your address book. By adding us as a contact to your address book the emails will be delivered to your Inbox. Often times email programs cut off the bottom of the email and if you don’t notice you may be missing important information about the events on the Community Calendar. At the top of each email is  [View Full Issue] or sometimes at the bottom of the email you will see the “View entire message”.
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