The Wave Kitchen & Bar – Restaurant Review – Nov 2019

by “The Food Guy” – Food Blogger / Restaurant Critic for Vero Vine and Vero Beach Foodie

Costa d’Este is one of those resorts, even though it resides in our own backyard, it transports you to a place that does not feel like Vero Beach. If it’s been a while since your last visit, you will be impressed with the recent changes they’ve made around the property. It seems as if there is more blue accent lighting than previous and a new wave light that is pointed at the front of the building. Changes inside the restaurant include new tables and chairs in the bar area and at the VIP table. The VIP table top has also been replaced with a beautiful new red one. This table is usually reserved for Gloria and her family while they visit the resort, but you can reserve it for special events when they are not in town. The table can seat comfortably up to 10 guests. On Friday and Saturday nights starting at 8:00 pm they added entertainment in the dining room called Rhythm & Waves. Brian Blatz is the featured entertainer and is not to be missed. His song styling is very similar to Billy Joel and Elton John. A late night menu has also been introduced with budget friendly food & drinks specials to enjoy during the show.

Now let’s dive right in and see what this place has to offer and what I had to eat!

Butternut Squash & Lobster Bisque

With all of the cooler temperatures we have been having lately, this was the perfect first course to warm us up! Butternut squash is roasted in house and combined with lobster broth, then pureed till it was smooth, then slow simmered till it was thick, rich, and creamy. Large chunks of lobster could be found in the bottom of the cup. A delicious way to start our meal!

Beet & Burrata

Burrata always seems to find it’s way on to each menu change with subtle, yet seasonally appropriate variations. This fall version is the first time I’ve tried it and it’s a welcome change. The beets are roasted till very tender, the cherry tomatoes are sweet, and the pine nuts add an element of crunch to the dish. The burrata is also some of the best I’ve tasted anywhere around town.

Chorizo Braised Florida Clams

A “Cajun” style sofrito and a very generous portion of chorizo sausage are simmered with tomatoes and fresh Florida clams in this next dish we tasted. The clams were very tender and the broth was very flavorful. Once the clams are gone, be sure to use the bread to soak up all that wonderful broth. Being that it had “Cajun” influence I would have expected it to have a little bit of heat, but it was served mild. If you prefer a little bit of heat, please ask your server and they can definitely accommodate your request.

Seared Diver Sea Scallops & Pork Belly

I’ve tasted this dish on a previous review and so far this version is my favorite! Large diver scallops and pork belly and served with a seasonal ratatouille over a romesco sauce and garnished with fried leeks. The scallops had a beautiful sear on them, yet still perfectly cooked in the middle. The pork belly is first cooked via sous vide to help tenderize, then seared until golden brown on the outside. It just melted in my mouth and had that rich fatty flavor I love so much!

Berkshire Pork Chop

If you are not familiar with Berkshire pork you need to be. It’s a heritage breed that a lot of small family farmers are raising these days due to their richer flavor and tenderness. The pork chop was cooked via sous vide to further tenderize and then seared till a nice golden brown crust is formed on the outside. It was topped with a poblano chili mole sauce that complemented the pork perfectly. The sweet potato and butternut squash served along side was tender and sweet.

Butterscotch Brioche Bread Pudding

This is one my dining companions favorite desserts, and she said this one does not disappoint! It was served hot in a cast iron pan and was topped with a toasted marshmallow. A cup of dulce de leche ice cream was served alongside. It has just the right amount of butterscotch flavor and was not too sweet. It is quite a large portion, so I recommend you share it with your dining party.

In Conclusion:

With the new fall menu in full swing, the recent updates to the dining room, and the addition of live entertainment on Friday & Saturday nights, The Wave seems to be the new HOT spot on Ocean Drive. Everything we tasted was freshly prepared and beautifully plated! If you have not been here in a while, or even if it’s new to you, then I suggest you come check out their new menu items, the impressive ocean views, the pristine beaches, and discover everything that The Wave Kitchen & Bar has to offer.

The Wave Website  |  Facebook Page

Address: 3244 Ocean Dr, Vero Beach, FL 32963

Phone(772) 410-0100

Sunday – Thursday, 7:00 am till 10:00 pm, Friday & Saturday, 7:00 am till 12:00 am

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