Suicide Squad – Movie Review

by Erik Poulsen, Movie Critic

After months of anticipation Suicide Squad is finally here! Despite being a highly anticipated movie, it continues this summer’s trend of dividing audiences. I read several reviews prior to seeing the movie, and went in expecting the worst. I’m glad to say that I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. In fact, I had a pretty good time with it. Does that mean Suicide Squad is a good movie? Not exactly.


D.C. Comics has been desperately trying to compete with Marvel the past few years. Instead of taking their time like marvel did, and establishing each character in their own origin story and stand alone movie, DC has decided to go a different route. They’ve created a world where most of these characters not only already exist, but have been around the block a few times already, which they show us in multiple flashback scenes. I for one love movies where they take the time to recruit individuals for some sort of team, whether it’s for a sports team, or in this case DC’s version of the dirty dozen.


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The main plot line basically goes like this… Now that the likes of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have been introduced to the world, our government feels the need to have a response team assembled, who are capable of defending us against people with abilities, or Meta-humans as they’re called here. Each member of the Suicide Squad brings something unique to the table. Will Smith is the most prominently featured member. As Deadshot (the world’s most deadly assassin), Smith is as charismatic as ever, and despite being the biggest Hollywood star in the film, he works very well as part of an ensemble cast. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is the performance everyone is going to be talking about. In fact there are already rumors that she will be getting her own stand alone spin off film. The character of Harley Quinn originated in the Batman animated series back in the 90’s. She became such a popular character that fans have been waiting for nearly 20 years to see her in a live action film.

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Margot Robbie absolutely nails it! Not only is her performance spot on, but old school fans are also treated to several shots of her wearing her iconic jester outfit, as well as one shot of her holding the oversized mallet she’s known to use as a weapon. With that being said, most of the other members of the squad take a back seat to those two. The remaining team members consist of Killer Croc, who is man/crocodile hybrid whose cell is in the sewers beneath the prison. El Diablo, a latino gang member who has the ability to summon and control fire. Basically a cholo Johnny Storm. Then there’s Katana, a Japanese samurai woman who’s sword collects the souls from the people it kills, including her late husband. Slipshot (Adam Beach) who is in the movie so briefly that they never even introduced him, nor did they explain his abilities. Rounding out the group is Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang. Apparently in DC’s world, when assembling a team to fight people who have superhuman abilities, you’re gonna want an alcoholic Australian boomerang thrower, you know because….


Now onto the Joker. Heath Ledger’s anarchistic performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight left some mighty huge shoes to fill. Inevitably, some actor would eventually have to tackle the role, so why not go get someone as pretty and eclectic as Jared Leto. Leto’s Joker is a much different take on the character, playing it off more like a psychotic Tony Montana in clown makeup, than someone who just wants to watch the world burn. I wish I could say more about his performance, but unfortunately the Joker is hardly in the movie. He is not part of the Suicide Squad, and is instead a apart of Harley Quinn’s backstory. Sure he pops in from time to time, but he’s never given that one moment that allows him to shine. I am looking forward to seeing Leto reprise the role in future Batman movies though. He was definitely interesting. Oh, and blink and you’ll miss it but Batfleck is in this movie for two very quick cameos.

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All in all Suicide Squad is an entertaining movie, despite it’s flaws. The movie is colorful, action filled and never boring. What it lacks in character depth it makes up in sheer eye candy. As long as you remember to check your brain at the door and not ask too many questions, you’ll have a good time.

I give Suicide Squad a B-.

Director: David Ayer

Starring: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, Viola Davis & Joel Kinnaman.

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