Riomar Oceanfront Gem – One of the LAST Sanctuaries of Vintage Paradise on the Atlantic Seaboard

Rory O’Dare found Vero & our Barrier Island in much the same way as Riomar’s founders.  While the Old Riomar guard came south, Rory, moved himself and his family north, leaving Miami Beach around thirty years ago. Why? Vero is clean, green and safe.  

“Vero’s Barrier Island is an amazingly beautiful and serene spot unlike any other area on the Atlantic Seaboard, or for that matter, anywhere in the coastal world.  There is nothing like Vero on the entire East Coast of the United States between October and April.  The beginning of the tropics enjoys glorious weather.  Golf anyone?  Everyday you say? Yes and why not!  Unspoiled beaches happily produce premium surfing, sailing, saltwater fishing, shelling or soulful sunrises.  Take your pick or try them all!  


Riomar, Vero’s original beachside escape and enclave for the business titans of that era, sits on a natural ocean reef.  Twelve or so miles out, in the ocean, is the inside edge of the Gulf Stream. Gulf Stream tropical breezes keep Vero bathed in comfort and healing salt air most of the year. Even nasty Nor’easters behave in a kinder and gentler manner to Riomar.  Inshore currents created by a Nor’easter are accelerated by Gulf Stream winds. These winds create powerful waves responsible for heavy beach erosion.  But NOT along the Riomar shoreline

Riomar is blessed with a natural underwater barrier, a wedge, the reef.  Riomar Reef defers inshore currents for about 2000 yards out into the Atlantic and creates a protective cove at Riomar.  The natural dunes on Riomar’s beaches are 75 yards wide and have been for thousands of years.  Yes, THOUSANDS. 

Snorkling the Riomar Reef is a virtual “Finding Nemo” experience.  Riomar’s living aquarium is a visual delight of coral, tropical fish, wrecks and endless amounts of abundant gifts from the sea.  Sands circling the cove sparkle with gems tossed about by the surf surrounds. Treasure abounds.  Here, at Riomar.

The tip (point) on the Riomar Reef is what’s called a Point Break.  A huge right exists and during optimal conditions, a Southeast Swell, the waves are EPIC.  In these rare moments, ten foot faces can be the norm. During the backside of Hurricane Irma, I surfed ten foot faces for several weeks. Those waves were breaking at Riomar. I have surfed many of the most challenging and famous surf spots around the world and can truthfully rave about the SE Swell at Riomar.  Truth.

Ready to live on Riomar’s cove? 

RioMar Point LLC is proud to offer 1.7 acres of vintage oceanfront paradise, right here in Vero Beach, where the tropics begin. 140 feet of oceanfront dunes with zero deed restrictions.  This , ladies and gentlemen, is an EXCEPTIONAL & RARE opportunity to own property that has NEVER been built upon nor cleared of its original tropical flora.

Come build your dream.  Come live your dream.  Come get your daily dose of vitamin sea.

If you happen to hit the financial jackpot, I know what you should be buying, in a New York minute!

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