Holiday Weekends The Easy Way

Get TogetherMuch of this is no brainer. You have done it before but it is easy for us to forget and try to be a super-human-party-planner-do-it-all-yourself. If you do all of the below instead, everyone will still have fun, including you. 1. Share the work and pot luck: You prepare the main dish, and ask other guests to bring a dish, sides, and/or dessert. 2. Think bigger and have extra: More food and drinks than you need always. Leftovers are better than running short. 3. Lots of tid-bits available: Have munchies before the meal, veggie platter, cheese and crackers, and/or dips, this will keep you from having to field food questions and offer you time to focus on other things. 4. Prepare food a day ahead: Cook food in advance whenever possible, which leaves less chance for mishaps and more time for fun. 5. Get set up early: Set the table before guests arrive; it will make them feel comfortable and reduce last-minute stress. 6. Light clean as you go: Clear countertops and load the dishwasher when you find a free minute. This will save work later in the evening and keep your kitchen uncluttered. 7. Keep it casual: A low-key vibe is most comfortable. Remember, your guests are likely to enjoy themselves when you are having fun.
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