Experience Young Local Talent Josh Dobson

Josh DobsonVero Beach is a live music lover’s paradise. Highly talented famous and not-so famous (though equally talented) musicians can be heard playing various venues just about any day of the week, year round. While Jake Owen may be Vero’s most famous musician, I will venture that a young man by the name of Josh Dobson has the talent to take the music world by storm. Just the other week, Cork and Tapas, featured Josh, a former The Voice contestant. As patrons enjoyed wine and cheese, Josh serenaded the small crowd with his incredibly soulful and rich voice while strumming his guitar to perfection. He is a natural on the guitar but it is Josh’s voice that is brilliant and memorable. His command of his vocal chords coupled with his stage presence reminds one of some of the world’s most legendary crooners: Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Bing Crosby. To experience Josh’s unplugged perfection, Google some of his videos. One in particular, an unedited raw video from January 21, 2013, shot in Atlanta, Georgia is spectacular. His performance of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” commands attention even among the sounds of a busy urban street in the background. I also recommend Josh’s live cover of Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” (March 3, 2013) and his own “Keep Your Head Up” (March 4, 2013). “Keep Your Head Up” is incredibly inspirational and the song lends an “old-soul” quality to Josh’s music and talent. Josh Dobson is truly “music to the ears” and I absolutely recommend you catch him next time he plays a Vero venue. Play some of his songs and close your eyes while listening. You may hear John Mayer or Jack Johnson BUT make NO mistake; Josh Dobson stands on his own, unique voice.
Sherry Nist