Sexton Plaza’s Hidden Gems and Treasures at Dede’s

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Sexton Plaza has so many treasures to discover. Vero Viners and Vero Beach’ers should already be familiar with the sea turtle, greeting those meandering or motoring towards the ocean and the restaurants on either side of Sexton’s ocean view. Too often though our presence in Sexton Plaza is guided by the pull of the ocean or scoring a prime dining seat, and we bypass all the other unique gems lining each side of this plaza. Dede’s, on the South side of Sexton Plaza, happens to be a dazzling gem of a boutique selling shoes, clothing and accessory gems in delicious resort colors and styles.

Walking in to Dede’s is like strolling through a favorite art gallery.  Creativity commands your attention:  the shoes, displays, furnishings and artwork mix together in an impeccable sense of taste and design.  Jamie Giesea and her staff are warm, welcoming and exceptional in finding and fitting the perfect shoe or outfit for their customers.  Whether you browse for five minutes or spend some time and money on Dede’s well sourced wares, you will certainly leave with a smile on your face and a few great new girlfriends.  As Jamie likes to say:  “we are so happy to be close to the beach; happy at work and happy to see our customers return.  We love our customers as much as our family.”

Dede’s is proud to care for seasonal, year-round and visiting customers ranging in age from 18 years old to 90 years young.  Onex shoes (Made in the USA) are one of their top sellers.  Jamie and Dede’s owner, Wendy Fisher are proud to carry one of the largest selections of Onex anywhere and have customers traveling to Vero from ALL over Florida for these incredibly beautiful and comfortable shoes.  Jamie and staff will also fit you with Van Elis (narrow sizes galore), Naots, Merrells, and other brands of very unique and colorful shoes.  If Dede’s shoes fit, wear them; if they do not, the staff is more than happy to refer a customer to another boutique that would better suit their particular need.

Sprinkled around the shop are stunning straw totes and hats from Madagascar that have me contemplating a new collection.  Dede’s mix of clothing compliments their shoes and accessories perfectly.  The emphasis is on casual elegance in neutrals and complimentary tropical colors that will not break your bank.  Sporting a few pieces or an outfit or two from Dede’s will leave you looking and feeling great.

Dede’s has been part of the Vero Beach community for many years.  Wendy Fisher, a dynamic entrepreneur who is currently attending business school, bought Dede’s Shoe Salon in 2012 and decided to maintain tradition by keeping the name “Dede’s”.  She and Jamie are a dynamic duo and believe very much in giving back to and supporting the community they serve.  Dede’s participated in the recent Quail Valley “Shop for Charity” event by pledging 15% of the day’s total receipts towards children’s charities in our area.  Dede’s is a member of the Oceanside Business Association and Jamie happens to be the Board Member in charge of the Retail Committee.

If there were Grammy Awards for stores, Dede’s would certainly hold the honor of a coveted gold statue.  An online fashion house for the world’s best boutiques, just invited Dede’s to join their virtual retail therapy experience.  This community maintains a very exclusive mix of fabulous boutiques and has a very difficult and demanding vetting process for those wishing to join.  Dede’s has certainly made their grade.

Vero Beach is so very fortunate to have such a wonderful treasure in our neighborhood.  Dede’s is a wonderful dose of retail therapy and a true gem.  Do stop by soon.  I promise you will leave happy.


INDULGE YOUR SHOE-SIDE & DON’T MISS DEDE’S NAOT TRUNK SHOW:  January 29th from 11am to 4pm.  Serving refreshments and presenting the latest styles of Naots.

Dede’s, 1006 Beachland Blvd., Sexton Plaza, Vero Beach, FL  32963

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