What Should You Bring to the Beach Near You?

A trip to the beach can be a very easy chore as long as you have a system in packing and know exactly what essential items to bring with you. It does not matter if it is a for the day thing or you intend to do this for the whole weekend. A visit to the beach near you could be less stressful when all the stuff that you need is all packed away. As a person who goes to the beach every weekend, these are the things I bring to the public beaches near me.

In this article, we will be enumerating essential things that people often forget to bring when they go to the beach. More like than not, you already own most of the things we listed below. Do not fret if you found an item that you do not have yet. You can always buy these things at affordable prices. All you need to do is get the right discount coupons and you can save from around fifty to seventy-five percent in shopping. Browse over some of the most comprehensive collections of discount coupons at CouponLawn.

This list may be simple, but these items are things I always forget when I visit public beaches near me. I am sure I am not the only one who forgets this stuff. Hopefully, you will learn a lot and be able to remember what you should bring to the beach near you.

1. Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

Whether you are planning to swim or just stroll on the beach,  you will be thirsty a lot of time and you will need constant hydration. While plastics are not really banned in most beaches, and perhaps even on the beach near you, it is still advisable to bring your own water container instead of buying distilled drinking water in single-use plastic containers. In some cases, because some beaches are pretty far away from the downtown of most towns, so the water sold on the beach could cost twice as much as similar products in a convenient store.  So bringing your own water container makes sense budget-wise. As well, the majority of our plastics end up in the sea. By avoiding to buy water in single used plastic, you are also cutting on the trash that could end up on the very beach that you enjoy.

2. Sunblock and Sunscreen

Many people go to the beach with the intention to get a bit of healthy tan. This “healthy tan” could easily result in sunburns, which could hurt for weeks. I do not think it needs reminding that too much exposure from the sun is always not the best idea. Even for people who intend to get tan, applying sunblock and sunscreen on the beach is still the best course of the idea. If you are trying a new brand of sunscreen or if this is the first time that you will shop for sunblock, it is best to look for products that are hypoallergenic. This way, you will not have to deal with allergies and breakouts after your trip to the beach. Also, dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with SPF30. If you are going to swim, make sure to look for products that are coral reef-safe or those that do not contain the chemical oxybenzone or octinoxate, which are known poison for reef animals.

3. Gadgets like Camera or Phone with Protective Kits

In this day and age, taking pictures does not need reminding. With the proliferation of social media, taking photos just comes naturally with people. However, bringing gadgets on the beach can be very tricky. The sand and water can easily destroy the best of our electronic gadgets. Sure, a camera can be a very good way to immortalize your day on the beach, but if it will shorten the life of your gadgets, you might need to rethink it. Sure you can just try your hardest to keep your gadgets out of the water. But perhaps a better idea is to bring with your protection for your gadgets. Bring a silicone wrapper for your cell phone. If you will be bringing a camera, get a waterproof and watertight ocean pack bag to carry them. These bags are made from rubber with magnet and Velcro on top, which is rolled down to keep the bag watertight. This kind of bag will come in handy for you when you head out to explore tidepools and the surf on the edge of the beach. It will keep the sand and water from your essential items and gadgets! Should you decide to buy one, know that this bag comes in different volumes. Look for the size you think would be enough to carry around the beach.

4. Powerbank

Speaking of gadgets, do not forget to bring a power bank and the connector wires for charging. The heat of the sun heats up your cell phone. A must bring essential, it is always advisable to invest in a lightweight and small power bank that you can easily slip away in your bag or pocket. This heat of the sun can easily raise the temperature of your phone. As your phone heats up, it drains power at a faster rate. A Powerbank is always great to ensure that your phone will not die on you while taking that next viral photo for your Instagram.

5. Extra clothes and towels

You do not ever want to leave the beach sopping wet, worst, sit in your car wet destroying the upholstery. The wetness on your car seat could soon result in a smell of wet socks if it is not dried properly. In order to prevent that from happening, bring towels and extra clothes with you. In most public beaches, there may be or may not be a decent public shower. In case there is none, you may just dry yourself and change to clean and dry clothes just so you do not enter your car dripping wet and sandy. You can always shower again in your own home.

6. Multi-purpose Sarongs

Sarong originated in Southeast Asia where the beach is embedded in the local culture. Sarong as a product of this culture has been traditionally used as clothes by some of the cultures there. In modern times, the sarong has been a must-have item to bring to the beach. It is airy and very easy to wear. You can use it to cover most of your body or even just your bottom half. You can style it like a turban on your head even. Some people use it as a scarf to protect their bodies from too much sunlight when out of the water. Aside from being fantastic beachwear, a sarong can also be used for multiple things. It can be used as a temporary cover for the tables when picnicking. You can use it as a cover to sit on the beach. The sarong is also a very fantastic makeshift bag for items. There are loads of useful tutorials and tips that you can find on the internet that teach about different kinds of uses as well as varieties of ways to tie the sarong as a dress, a skirt, or even as a swimsuit.

7. Snacks

It is no brainer that you need to bring snacks to the beach. Even if the beach you are visiting nearby has a lot of food kiosks and restaurants, bringing food and snacks is always a great idea. This is especially a good idea if you are going to the beach with children. Make sure to bring snacks that will not melt or go bad under the heat of the sun or sand. Examples of foods you should not bring are chocolates, yogurts, and sliced fruits. If you have to bring fruit, best to bring unpeeled ones. Sandwiches are also a great thing to buy. Nuts are also perfect.

8. Beach Chairs and Umbrellas

This is optional and is not exactly advisable for people who are visiting the beach near them. Beach chairs and umbrellas can be quite difficult to bring, so this is more advisable for people who are visiting the beach with a group. Beach chairs and umbrellas are a great way to mark your spot on the beach. Unlike when alone and you can just go anywhere on the beach when in a group, it can be difficult to move around. You will need a spot on the beach. But due to the number of people taking in the best spots with widest sand or best views, beach chairs and umbrellas are great ways to mark your territory. If you do not have these, you can always rent them.

9. Safety and First Aid Kits

You do not know when a crime is going to happen. Best to always bring something that you can use to defend yourself or even to draw the attention of the crowd. Especially when visiting with children, you never know what type of accident or even violence you may encounter. Packing a whistle is always a very good idea. Pepper sprays are also a great way to deter criminals. Other than these, you also need to bring a basic first aid kit. Make sure that your first aid kit has Benadryl in case of allergies, triangular bandage, band-aids, Calendula lotion for sunburned skin, and also pain. When bringing these items, make sure that everyone knows how to use them. You do not have to teach them on the spot, but you can quiz everyone while you are driving to the nearby beach.

10. Floaters

If you have kids with you, this is a must. Make sure to look for floaters that are age-appropriate. Donut-shaped is not appropriate for toddlers. Children of this age will have difficulty maintaining their balance and will most like tip over on the water. They may float, but you might see their feet up in the air and their head submerged underwater. This is because they cannot keep their bodies upright on the water when you sit them on donut-shaped floaters. The best things are those arm and shoulder floaters are great. There are also inflatable life jackets that children can wear to keep themselves afloat. For older children, floaters around the arms are the best. Little paddleboards are also great to keep kids floating. Of course, at the end of the day, nothing beats the old-fashion parental supervision to keep accidents at bay.

With all of these essentials prepared, surely you are all set for the perfect beach getaway!

Enjoy your little trip to a public beach near you!

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