Vero Vine’s Top 9 Gluten Free Places to Eat

Welcome, Vero Beach food enthusiasts and health-conscious diners! If you’re on the hunt for delicious dining options that cater to a gluten-free lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. At Vero Vine, we understand how challenging it can be to find restaurants that not only offer gluten-free options but also make them as mouthwateringly good as their regular menu items. That’s why we’ve taken the time to curate a list of the Top 9 Gluten-Free Places to Eat right here in Vero Beach, Florida.

Whether you’re gluten-intolerant, have Celiac Disease, or simply choose to avoid gluten for a healthier lifestyle, this list is your go-to guide for guilt-free and gluten-free gastronomy. Get ready to discover a world of flavors that won’t compromise your diet or your taste buds. Read on, and prepare to be delighted!

In no particular order:

The iconic Ocean Grill stands as a landmark in Vero Beach, Florida, not just for its remarkable food, but also for its stunning location perched over the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you’re drawn by the breathtaking views or the culinary delights, there’s something for everyone to love. Best of all, for those navigating dietary restrictions or choosing a gluten-free lifestyle, Ocean Grill offers a dedicated gluten-free menu. This ensures that you can enjoy a spectacular dining experience without compromise, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.

Fresh, Natural, Delicious, Chef-Made Cuisine, there is something for everyone. Vegan, gluten-free too! The restaurant is open to the public!

Our favorite food experiences have never happened while in the company of ourselves. It has been surrounded by family and friends. Southern Social is centered around just that; food, family and friends. This is our interpretation of southern cuisine with a progressive twist and many outside influences. We appreciate where food comes from and wholeheartedly believe that our cuisine is only as good as the ingredients we cook with. We are dedicated to serving delicious food and giving the best southern hospitality possible all while you create lasting memories.

Gluten Free & Wheat Free Baked Goods
Paleo Muffins • Red Velvet Cake • Cookies
Carrot Cake • Granola • Sweet Breads • Key Lime Pie
Cravings Protein Bars (Wheat Free) • Vegan Brownie Bites
Cravings Gluten-free Breakfast Bars® & More!
(Call ahead for product availability)

EVERY MONDAY $8.99 LARGE 16″ CHEESE PIZZA !! Early bird Specials 4 pm until 6 pm
Monday through Saturday. They offer gluten-free pizza.

The Lemon Tree continues the tradition of good food at a good value. The Lemon Tree Restaurant, in the heart of the Beachside’s popular shopping and dining district is a destination for many hungry locals and visitors. They have gluten-free options available.

At the corner of downtown.

Relax. Recharge. Belong.

THE destination for the best coffee and food in a comfortable, inviting, interesting space with links to the world-at-large and a commitment to the local community. They have gluten-free options available.

LA TABLA: the table, the board, the plank

Good food tastes good right from the start so there’s no need to add much to it. For us, less is more and we hate long lists of ingredients and processed stuff in our food and drinks. We source locally as much as possible and choose organic when it makes sense.

We are what we eat. We eat to live and to feel good, and the balance of these two is what we like to offer at La Tabla. They have Gluten Free Options.

Chef inspired quick, creative cuisine. Tired of the same old menus? We have something for everyone.

Brought to you by the Owners of Wild Thyme Catering, Chive is the newest lunch spot in Vero Beach. We offer an opportunity to create the lunch you want while keeping up with the fast pace of your day. They have gluten-free options available.


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