Vero Vine Top 9 Places to Study

As the back-to-school season rolls around, finding the perfect study spot becomes a priority for students and learners of all ages. Vero Beach, with its serene landscapes and vibrant community hubs, offers a plethora of options. From cozy corners to expansive libraries, Vero Beach has something for everyone. Dive in as we explore the top 9 places to study in this coastal paradise and make the most of your academic endeavors this year!

In no particular order:

Cute little coffee shop on Cardinal Drive. They have good coffee and a great atmosphere to get some studying done.

At the corner of downtown.

Relax. Recharge. Belong.

THE destination for the best coffee and food in a comfortable, inviting, interesting space with links to the world-at-large and a commitment to the local community.

Newest Coffee and Bakery Shop in Vero Beach. 

A hidden gem in Vero Beach! They have good coffee and pastries to help you study.

Coffee + Pastry shop by day and Wine + Full Liquor Bar with live music by night!

At Riverview Coffee, Tea & Books, we’re proud to be Sebastian’s very own used bookstore and coffee bar featuring fresh-baked goodies. Our store is stocked with fiction and non-fiction novels of various genres, audio books, and sections for young adults and children. We’re more than a bookstore, though — we’re a favorite local hangout! Browse the shelves for a new read, sip on a tasty latte, and stay a while to catch up with friends or make new ones. Oh, and don’t forget to try a baked treat! Whether you’re in the mood for a New Jersey bagel or our very own muffins, we’ll make sure it’s served with love.

We import high altitude specialty coffee from friends in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ethiopia as well as selling specialty coffees from Columbia, Mexico and Papau New Guinea. The best part: we donate huge amounts of our profits to our school project in Nicaragua, along with other non-profit corporations such as A Soldier’s Child Birthday, Care Net Pregnancy Center, Master’s Academy, and Christian FM.

Come and taste our Homemade Gelato, the Grilled Panini Sandwich, Slushie, Smoothie and Espresso Coffee! Can’t wait to see you at the store!

We serve Italian gelato, espresso, cafe latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, smoothie, panini grill sandwich, slushie and bottled soft drinks.

Chelsea’s Market on Cardinal is a premiere gourmet and all natural food market located on Cardinal Drive – just a block away from the beach! The Chelsea’s philosophy is having a fun, friendly environment where friends and family gather for delicious food. Chelsea’s is known for its boutique wine selection, global and local provisions, gourmet sandwiches, craft beers, bistro to go, desserts, the gift salon and catering! Let Chelsea’s Market on Cardinal create the perfect setting for your next gathering.


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Tiffany Bent