Vero Verse Bauhaus

Gropius, Breuer, van der Rohe, and Wright
Felt former architectural forms just weren’t right
The 20 th century was bursting with innovations
In America and most European nations
Building designs must follow trends
Modernizations necessitated aesthetic amends
Technology reigned and form followed function
Minimalism overtook maximalism, at this junction
Structures were functional and uncomplicated
As the absence of embellishment visibly illustrated
Incorporating the unity of all forms of art
Refusing to set any subcategory apart
Architect and structure neither were greater
Each in their own way was the paramount creator

Gropius Glassworks, at Amberg exemplified
The visual dynamics that now would guide
The Bauhaus group anointed themselves reformers
Eliminating turrets, towers and decorative dormers

Rohe’s Farnsworth house, speculation has it was for
A love nest for Edith Farnsworth, his paramour
His final building was for a civil rights missionary
Two million a year visit Martin Luther King’s library

New genres morph toppling the past
Just like all things, nothing will last
Would the Bauhaus creators be aghast
At what architecture today has come to pass

Tiffany Bent