Vero Beach’s Top 9 Caterers: Your Guide for Memorable Events

Welcome to the sun-soaked shores of Vero Beach, Florida, a gem of the Treasure Coast known not only for its stunning vistas but also for its vibrant culinary scene. When it comes to hosting events here, the catering options are as diverse and delightful as the city itself. From gourmet fine dining to locally inspired cuisine, the caterers in Vero Beach are true culinary artists ready to make your event a memorable occasion.

This guide will introduce you to the top 9 caterers in Vero Beach, each unique in their offerings and presentation, yet all equally committed to delivering exceptional service. Whether you’re planning a corporate function, a beachfront wedding, or a casual family gathering, these catering services will add a touch of elegance and flavor, promising an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. So, let’s embark on this gastronomic journey and discover the perfect caterer for your next event in Vero Beach.

In no particular order:

Pepper & Salt BBQ

epper & Salt BBQ has carved a niche for itself by offering top-notch catering services for weddings across the state. Established in 2021, this family-run venture excels in serving delectable Central Texas barbecue delights. Proprietors Heather and John Chianis firmly believe in the importance of family, a value that they bring to their work, uniting loved ones over mouthwatering meals.

Originating as a humble restaurant in Vero Beach, Pepper & Salt BBQ was born out of an intense love for smoking and quality BBQ. Their tantalizing menu comprises choices like succulent brisket, tender pork ribs, flavor-packed pork belly burnt ends, homemade sausage, and juicy turkey breast. They are equipped to cater to both grand and intimate gatherings, always with a keen eye on your unique needs. They offer comprehensive catering services that include delivery and clean-up. Upon request, they can also provide serving staff, ensuring your event unfolds seamlessly and to your utmost satisfaction.

Elizabeth D. Kennedy & Co.

Synonymous with inventive menus and unforgettable events, Elizabeth D. Kennedy & Co. has been a cornerstone in Vero Beach’s catering and event planning scene for nearly four decades. Our team crafts each menu tailored to your unique event, considering factors such as event timing, complementary dishes, seasonal availability, and the ambiance of the venue. Whether your event is in an aircraft hangar, an open field, or a drifting barge, EDK&Co and our dedicated staff are committed to providing a stunning culinary display that caters not only to the refined palate but also to the overall remarkable, worry-free entertaining experience.

Entrust us with the specifics, and we promise to deliver beyond your expectations.

Catering Revolution

Catering Services Beyond Your Imaginations! Searching for a reliable caterer for your grand wedding, family feast, birthday celebration, intimate dinner, corporate event, charity fundraiser, funeral reception, or tray delivery? Look no further! At Catering Revolution, we are dedicated to transforming your occasion into an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re envisioning an elegant soiree or a relaxed gathering, we can curate the perfect ambiance for your event. Our skilled chefs are adept at crafting menus tailored to your preferences, including an extensive assortment of international delicacies.

Our flexible in-house financing ensures your vision becomes a reality, accommodating nearly all budgets. No job is too big or too small for our devoted team at Catering Revolution, serving both Port St. Lucie and now Vero Beach, Florida. We’ve catered intimate parties for two and large-scale outdoor picnics for up to 12,000 attendees. At our newly opened Vero Beach venue, we’ll be hosting a monthly open house every Thursday, offering complimentary beverages and the opportunity to purchase food samples.

Tommy T’s BBQ Catering

Looking for a dependable catering solution for your grand wedding, intimate family dinner, lively birthday party, romantic dinner for two, corporate event, charity fundraiser, or funeral reception? Catering Revolution is your answer! Our team is committed to turning your special occasion into a memorable experience, regardless of whether you’re planning an upscale affair or a laid-back gathering. Our expert chefs will tailor a menu to your palate, incorporating a vast array of international flavors. With our flexible in-house financing, we ensure your dream event becomes a reality, accommodating all budget sizes. From catering intimate gatherings to large outdoor events of up to 12,000 guests, we’ve done it all, serving both Port St. Lucie and now Vero Beach, Florida. At our new Vero Beach location, we invite you to our monthly open house every Thursday, where we offer complimentary drinks and the chance to sample our delicious food.

Chantal’s Catering

Our seasoned culinary team will curate a menu specifically tailored for you and your guests that will delight the most refined tastebuds. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of only the highest quality ingredients, including freshly harvested vegetables, prime cuts of meat, and aromatic herbs and spices.

Personal Chef Catering

Celebrated as the Best Caterer for Three Consecutive Years! We are a dedicated in-home food service provider operating across Vero Beach, offering personalized Meal Prep and Dinner Parties. Our services are not confined to home settings; we cater to larger gatherings throughout Florida as well. Whether it’s Wedding Catering, Proms, New Year Parties, Birthday Celebrations, Office Gatherings, Sports Events, School Functions, or any special occasion, we’ve got you covered. For inquiries, call us at 321-525-1302.

At our core, we believe that “taste is just as important as the people you share the moment with.”

Peruse our Buffet Catering Menu [here] for a wide array of options. We also offer three-course chef-prepared dinners that are artistically plated and served.

For more formal settings, take a look at our Dinner Party Menu [here] specifically designed for plated events.


Catering Simplified for Your Convenience Placing orders with us is a breeze – you have the flexibility to order online, via phone, or by visiting your nearest TooJay’s location.

We’re at your service! Share more details about your event and one of our catering sales managers will reach out to you, providing expert advice that you can rely on.

Tapas & Paellas

Indulge in Spain’s Culinary Delights with Our Comprehensive Selection We offer an extensive range of authentic Spanish cuisine, including Tapas, Paella, traditional finger foods, and more. Our specialty lies in live-cooking Paella at your party, or we can deliver it right to your doorstep. Our local chefs use fresh ingredients from local producers to prepare Tapas and Paellas from scratch, ensuring that you savor only the best. Our enduring passion for Spanish cuisine spans over five decades! We cater to various locations, including Melbourne, Palm Bay, Sebastian, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, and Stuart, in Florida, USA.

Deliteful Kitchen Catering

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  1. Can I create and list my own event on Vero Vine? A: Yes, you can create and list your own event on Vero Vine by creating an account and adding your event information.
  2. Does it cost anything to list an event on Vero Vine? A: No, it is free to list an event on Vero Vine.
  3. Can I buy tickets for events on Vero Vine? A: It depends on the event. Some events listed on Vero Vine may offer ticket sales through the platform, while others may require purchasing tickets through a separate website.
  4. Does Vero Vine offer any community resources? A: Yes, Vero Vine offers a community resources section that provides information on local nonprofits, volunteer opportunities, and more.

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