Vero Beach’s Coolest Personality: Meet Veronica Kolibab – A Health Revolutionist, Business Developer, and Founder of Martini Network

In the heart of Vero Beach, we’ve discovered a true gem, Veronica Kolibab, affectionately known as “V.” She’s a woman of many talents and passions, from health revolution to business development and even shaking up the social scene as the founder of Martini Network. But let’s dive into the essence of V’s incredible journey.

Veronica’s story is one of transformation and unwavering commitment to health and well-being. Her path towards this calling was illuminated during a challenging period of her life when she battled a debilitating illness. Against the odds, she embarked on a journey to heal herself naturally, a journey that ignited her passion to help others tread a similar path.

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Veronica’s mission is clear – she strives to guide people toward holistic health. Her approach encompasses the body, mind, and spirit, understanding that true health extends beyond just the food we consume. Through her platform “Eating With V,” Veronica shares invaluable insights, making healthy eating accessible, enjoyable, and scrumptious.

But that’s not all! Veronica is also a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner, aiding individuals in removing the mental blocks that hinder their progress. Her expertise extends to hosting classes like “Hidden Sugars and Label Reading,” empowering her community to decode food labels and make informed dietary choices.

Her passion doesn’t stop at coaching and education. Veronica’s culinary skills shine in V’s Kitchen, where she crafts delectable, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free (often grain-free) dishes that prove that healthy eating can be delicious. Her vision includes sharing these remarkable creations with the world, envisioning them on grocery store shelves for everyone to savor.

Veronica’s vibrant journey encompasses business development, marketing, sales, and community relations. Her role as Director of Business Development for Neese Roofing & Construction stands as a testament to her versatile talents. She is a true connector, fostering relationships and cultivating fresh ideas, always striving to see projects through to fruition.

Veronica, or simply “V,” radiates positivity and a genuine commitment to health, which is infectious to everyone she encounters. Her journey is an inspiration, a reminder that through passion and dedication, we can make transformative changes in our lives and communities. Join us on this journey to optimal health with Veronica Kolibab as your guide – it’s bound to be enlightening and delicious!

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