Vero Beach’s Coolest Personalities: Spotlight on Teala Krapfl’s Whimsical Artistry and Other Local Luminaries

Vero Beach-based artist Teala Krapfl has come a long way since her days of trying to replicate Bob Ross’s “happy trees.” Today, her imaginative and playful work is displayed in public spaces, charming viewers and capturing the essence of her unique artistic perspective. We dive into her journey, from her beginnings in Iowa to her latest mural project in downtown Vero Beach.

Finding Her Artistic Voice

Teala’s creative journey began with a love for painting inspired by Bob Ross’s TV show. After realizing that landscape painting wasn’t her forte, she explored other creative avenues until she found her niche. During college in Iowa, she honed her drawing and painting skills through art classes. Her move to Florida in 2016 marked the beginning of her professional artistic career.

Teala’s paintings are a delightful blend of imagination and playfulness, often featuring anthropomorphized fruits and other foods, giving even the smallest blueberry a story of its own. Alongside her passion for painting, Teala works as a freelance graphic designer, creating designs for clients like Walking Tree Brewery – some of her characters even made it onto their cans! In her free time, Teala enjoys standup comedy, food, and aimless wandering.

The Downtown Vero Beach Mural Project

Teala’s latest endeavor is a mural for the Downtown Vero Beach Mural Project. Although the mural isn’t specifically for Kilted Mermaid, the project raises money to fund murals like the one Teala is working on. She first began experimenting with large-scale pieces in college, painting themed scenes on her parents’ kitchen window for their annual Christmas theme.

Over time, she has painted murals on the walls of various residences and created her first public mural for the Environmental Learning Center last spring. The new project has her excited to contribute to a wall already adorned with great work from other artists, and she’s eager to add her own flavor to it.

Keeping the subject of her mural a secret for now, Teala encourages people to come by and witness her creation come to life. It should look familiar to anyone who has followed her work in the past.

A Grateful Heart

The local support for Teala’s paintings has been a tremendous motivator for her to continue pursuing her passion. In a way, her current mural project serves as a huge “thank you” to the community. Teala’s goal as an artist is to make people smile, and she’s thrilled at the prospect of doing that on a larger scale. She aims to complete the mural by early June.

Follow Teala’s Journey

Stay updated on Teala’s work by following her on Instagram @tealajune, or reach out to her via email at Be sure to stop by the mural in downtown Vero Beach and watch her artistry unfold!

Tiffany Bent