Vero Beach Lifeguard Association Monthly Beach Report – June 2017

Monthly Beach Report – June 2017

Jaycee Park / Humiston Park / South Beach Park


Total Park Attendance 67610

Preventative Actions 1143

Minor Medicals 24

Major Medicals 5

Rescues 1

Average Water Temperature 78

Beach Erosion Minimal

Stinging Marine Life Moderate


General Conditions


The natural occurring “upwelling” (caused where wind blows along a coastline.  The wind causes the water to move perpendicular to it, away from the coast, because of a process called Ekman transport.  When surface water moves away from the coast, cooler water from deeper in the ocean rises up and takes its place) has run its course and the water temperature is back to a normal, seasonal temperature in the high 70’s.   Sea turtle nesting was very active.  The mullet run has started.  Mullet swim along the shoreline in vast numbers attracting larger fish such as Jack, Tarpon and sharks.  Manatees have been spotted traveling along the coast very close to the shoreline.  Light winds have improved water visibility allowing great opportunities for snorkeling and diving.  Attendance at the beach seems to be spreading out, away from the guarded areas, filling in the areas between South, Humiston and JC Beach Parks most likely due to parking issues.  There was 1 water rescue in June bringing the total number of swimmers rescued from rip currents in 2017 is 7.  Hot temperatures have resulted in numerous heat-related emergencies.  Many dog owners continue to bring their dogs onto the beach parks which is a violation of City ordinances.  Alcohol consumption on the beach is on the rise.    All swimmers are advised to pay close attention to beach condition signs and flags, swim near lifeguard towers and avoid swimming during non-guarded beach hours.


Areas of Progress


VBLA produced and is in the process of distributing its Beach Safety Video to hotels, schools and civic organizations.  With support from the City of Vero Beach, the video can be seen on under the Recreation Department tab and at  VBLA hopes that more people will take the time to watch the video and education themselves prior to coming to the beach.     


Areas of Concern


With beach goers filling in the spaces between the guarded areas of South, Humiston and JC Parks, more patrons are not under the watchful eye of lifeguards and are involved in illegal activities such as alcohol consumption and drug use.    Dog owners continue to ignore City ordinances by bringing their dogs to City beach parks.  VBLA recommends that the Vero Beach Police Department start weekend beach patrols to combat these activities and protect our family-friendly environment.


Lifeguards recommend that everyone who visits the beach read the condition signs posted at each lifeguard tower, know the meaning of the condition flags that are flying and ask questions of our lifeguards to determine if venturing out into the water is prudent.  


In addition, many individuals and families are on the beach far from a guarded area and/or in the water after lifeguards leave at 5pm. VBLA recommends that the City of Vero Beach recognize the essential public safety role lifeguards have in protecting our beaches by extending lifeguard hours to 7pm to address this safety issue.  



Park Attendance:  includes areas immediately north and south of each park

Preventative Actions:  stopping potential incidents before they occur

Minor Medicals:  a medical incident which is treated on-site by lifeguard/EMT        personnel

Major Medicals:  a medical incident that required Emergency Medical Services


About VBLA

This report is furnished by the Vero Beach Lifeguard Association, a non-profit, 501C3 organization.  Its mission is to promote water safety and lifeguarding in Vero Beach and the surrounding communities.  Contact us at or (908)797-8725.  Visit us at  Donations are appreciated.  Monies raised are used to purchase equipment, supplies, staffing and training for the lifeguards from the city of Vero Beach.  Please send donations to:  VBLA, 1351 White Heron Lane, Vero Beach, FL 32963.

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