Vero Beach Christmas Parade Was a HUGE Success 🔥

Sunrise Rotary hosted the Annual Vero Beach Christmas parade for the first time and it was a huge hit!

There was LIVE commentary in Macy’s Day Parade fashion with our Parade Host Commentators Stacy Cook(Vero Vine, Vero Beach Marketing, and Vero Beach Foodie) & Tamara Darress (The Parisian Hostess Apothecary & Glitter Glam Studios). The parade was incredible and you could feel the holiday spirit 🎄

If you weren’t able to make it, we got you covered. Check out this video from Vero Vine’s Facebook page, it has over 170,000 views!!

The Sunrise Rotary also had a LIVE Video recording on Vero Beach Christmas Parade Facebook page and it has 4.3k views!! Check it out.

You definitely don’t want to miss next year’s Christmas parade, it will be even better!! Make sure you turn your notifications on for the Vero Beach Christmas Parade Facebook page so you don’t miss it!

Tiffany Bent