Top 9 Soup Kitchens in St. Lucie County

Explore the heartwarming efforts shaping St. Lucie County as we uncover the top 9 soup kitchens committed to aiding those in need. From comforting meals to compassionate outreach, these kitchens serve as beacons of hope, offering sustenance and solidarity to individuals navigating adversity. Join us as we celebrate their invaluable contributions and the profound difference they make in our community.

In no particular order:

Sarah’s Kitchen, which serves hot, nutritious meals to people in crisis and food insecurity recently merged with Mustard Seed Ministries. To ensure a smooth transition and continuity of serving the community, several members of the Sarah’s Kitchen Board joined the Mustard Seed Board. As well, the previous Sarah’s Kitchen Executive Director served on the Mustard Seed Board for many years and continues to support the combined organizations. 

We serve hot nutritious meals to individuals who live below the poverty line, mentally challenged, physically handicapped, the working poor, seniors who are surviving on social security, mothers with infants, and the homeless.


Our Food Bank is open every Monday from 10:00am-Noon in the Youth Building between the Church and the Family Life Center.

The needs of our community and church family continue, as does our need for your assistance with our Food Bank Ministry.  We include in every box a box of cereal, two quarts of milk, canned soup, green beans, corn, baked beans, rice, peanut butter, jelly, mac and cheese, tuna, chicken, (or) spam, spaghetti and sauce, and Vienna sausages. Any food you contribute will be distributed, but be careful when you take food from your cupboard that it has not expired.  We do not give out food that has passed its “Use By Date.”  In April we distributed 26 boxes of staples and 10 Easter baskets of special food.  We are grateful for any donations you wish to make. There is a cart in the lobby for your food; cash donations may be placed in the offering plate.   

Treasure Coast Food Bank’s mission is to ensure that anyone can access healthy and nutritious food when they need it. Our extensive list of feeding programs have been developed to be accessible for all.

The Food Pantry of Grace Family Church exists to serve those in need in our community and right in our own neighborhood. Since 2013 we have distributed between 150,000-300,000 pounds of food annually to families. The food is high quality and available through partnership with the Treasure Coast Food Bank.

In Grace Church, we want to serve the community and the members of the church, who are in abominable need of food. If you are struggling to put food on the table or know a family that, please come to our food pantry, where a large bag of Non-perishable products will be given to you, 1 bag per family. Our pantry is open weekly on Thursdays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and food bags can be handed out, as needed, after each of our two Sunday morning services. We all go through struggles and need help, so please give us the opportunity to help you in those times .

Good Samaritan Ministries has developed an outreach ministry in the form of distribution of food baskets to local needy families. Through the co-operative efforts of Treasure Coast Food Bank and other local businesses, Good Samaritan Ministries provides from 150 to 200 food baskets each week to the less fortunate and needy. This program provides a vital community need and has been ongoing for the past two and half years.

Feeding Ministry: Nativity Outreach Team assists families in need on a monthly basis with groceries and household basics. We also offer an emergency 2-day food supply to anyone in need. Simply call the church office to arrange a pick-up.

First United Methodist Church of Port St. Lucie

Our pantry extends aid to numerous families, both within our congregation and throughout the community, serving as an “emergency food bank.” Our mission is to provide assistance to our neighbors during challenging times or emergency situations by offering essential food supplies. Additionally, we operate Hope’s Closet, a clothing resource available during pantry hours, further supporting those in need within our community.


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