Top 9 Soup Kitchens in Brevard County

Explore the heartwarming endeavors shaping Brevard County as we reveal the top 9 soup kitchens committed to assisting the less fortunate. From hearty meals to compassionate outreach, these kitchens and food pantrys serve as beacons of hope, offering nourishment and solace to individuals enduring hardships. Join us in celebrating their invaluable contributions and the profound difference they make in the lives of our neighbors.

In no particular order:

Daily Bread ensures that no one in Brevard County faces hunger or homelessness alone. We have – for more than 30 years – empowered, supported, and assisted those confronting financial challenges in our community. Feeding the hungry and the homeless is an important part of what we do but is not all that we do. We help people to move forward in their lives. For people experiencing homelessness, that means helping them find their way home.

Second Harvest Food Bank is driven to close the gap of unmet need in Central Florida in a variety of effective ways. Our mission is to create hope and nourish lives through a powerful hunger relief network, while multiplying the generosity of a caring community. Learn how we Feed, Empower, Nourish and Engage the community to help end hunger.

Every Monday, House of Hope hosts a FREE market. All are welcome! Attendees will receive a box of food and can visit the various vendors onsite for assistance with food stamp accounts, VA benefits, and additional community resources.

The Salvation Army provides a wide range of traditional social services and emergency assistance programs. As programs vary by community, please click link below to learn more about the services offered in your area.

Based in Winter Garden, Matthew’s Hope is a fully independent, faith-based, 501(c)3 non-profit homeless outreach ministry. It is completely funded and supported by the local community.

Volunteers and staff members of Matthew’s Hope Ministries help connect guests with various resources and services of need. 

Helping Hands is the parish outreach ministry to the poor and distressed in our community. We operate a food bank, provide financial assistance, and make clothing and small household items available for needy families in the Cocoa and Rockledge communities. There are various ways in which one can assist in this ministry. Pantry workers transport food from pick up locations to the pantry located on the St. Marys property. Pantry workers also stock shelves and fill bags with food for our clients. Case workers Interview clients to determine their needs and assist them in filling those needs. Technology capable volunteers assist in teaching basic computer training for clients in need of learning a specific skill to enhance their employ-ability. Other volunteers greet clients, screen them for needs, sort and display the clothing and household items that have been donated. Others are needed to keep records of those currently being served. Volunteers need to be understanding and compassionate toward those in need and be physically capable of lifting.

The Agape Mission Markets are food pantries, where those in need can receive meats, fresh fruits, vegetables, and more that best meet their nutritional and personal preferences. The Agape Mission Markets are made possible thanks to the help of Second Harvest Food Bank, Orange County Government, Publix, and the United Way.

The Children’s Hunger Project is dedicated to helping elementary school children in need by providing them with food to take home for weekends and during school breaks. Our goal is to ensure that children have access to basic nutrition when they may not have access to school meals. Our food assistance program includes non-perishable items such as canned ravioli, rice with chicken and vegetables, breakfast bars, cereal, milk, juice boxes, and other kid-friendly food items.

Emmanuel United Methodist Church’s food pantry serves everyone from low income families, single parents, senior citizens, unemployed individuals, disabled veterans, working poor, and anyone else in need of our assistance.


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