Top 9 Must-Try Pumpkin Carving Designs for a Spook-tacular Halloween

Welcome to our Top 9 Pumpkin Carving Designs! Whether you’re searching for inspiration for your own jack-o’-lantern or simply admire the artistry behind these creations, this list offers a curated selection of unique and eye-catching designs. And the best part? If you’re inspired to make your own masterpiece, you can enter it into our Pumpkin Carving Photo Contest for a chance to win some amazing prizes. So, grab a pumpkin and let these fantastic designs ignite your creative spark this Halloween season.

In no particular order:

Photo: Mike Garten

Crow Pumpkin Carving

Select a fresh pumpkin and remove any dirt, then spritz it with a blend of water and vinegar. Utilize a reliable carving knife, keyhole saw, or a robust serrated kitchen blade to create a circular opening at the pumpkin’s base for easier light placement.

Empty the pumpkin of its pulp and seeds, then sketch your crow design onto its surface using erasable chalk markers. With a set of precision craft knives, carefully follow the lines of your template. Once complete, position the carved pumpkin over a set of string lights or an LED votive for added ambiance.

Photo: Mike Garten

Flame Pumpkins

To create these stunning flames that will light up your area, opt for orange pumpkins in a range of sizes. Download our flame template, trace it onto your pumpkin, and then carve it out. For ease of lighting, carve an opening at the pumpkin’s bottom where you can place your LED tealights, and voila—your flaming pumpkin is complete!

Photo: Crafts by Amanda

This idea doesn’t require as much carving as the others. Cut out almond-shaped eyes, spray paint your pumpkins, and add cat ears that you can DIY using toothpicks.

Photo: Mike Garten

Candy Holder Pumpkin

Create a one-of-a-kind and functional decoration for your front porch using either a large real or artificial pumpkin. Start by drawing a hole on the upper half of the pumpkin and then carve along the outline using a specialized pumpkin carving kit. If you’re using a faux pumpkin, make sure to smooth out any rough areas. Coat the pumpkin with black chalk paint and allow it to dry. When it’s time for the Halloween celebration, load it up with candy and inscribe a message using chalk.

Photo: Mike Garten

Starry Fright Pumpkin

Add a touch of glamour to your Halloween festivities! Start by giving your hollowed-out pumpkin a coat of shimmering gold paint. Then, using either a rubber mallet or a hammer cushioned with a dishcloth, carefully tap a cookie cutter into the pumpkin’s surface to create your desired shapes. Remove the cut-out sections and repeat to your heart’s content.

Photo: Good Housekeeping

Flower Power Pumpkin

Looking for a high-impact design without a big time investment? Simply coat your pumpkin in a vivid pink hue—or any color of your choice. After the paint dries, carve out openings for eyes and a mouth. Finalize your creation by inserting oversized artificial flowers and some fearsome faux teeth!


Candy Coated Pumpkin

Stumped on how to utilize your surplus of candy corn? Elevate your carved pumpkin’s facial features by adorning them with your extra Halloween sweets.

Skeleton Pumpkin

If you’re short on ideas, aim for a classic horror vibe by painting your pumpkin white and adding a zipper for its mouth and a scar on its forehead.


Tricks & Treats Pumpkins

Snag two pumpkins and use stencils to carve the words “Tricks” and “Treats” into them. Insert sheets of neon green paper inside to create an eerie glow.


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