Top 10 Dog Training Services in Vero Beach

So, you have a dog. You found a dog. You bought a dog. You rescued a dog. You once WERE a dog, maybe. And you think training your dog will be a piece of cake. Right? Wrong. For some folks, training a dog is something that takes time, love, patience, and creativity. For many, training a dog is something that is best left to the professionals. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Dog Training Services in Vero Beach.

Pawprints of Vero Beach

Pawprints of Vero Beach takes canine daycare to a new level. Their facility is designed to help a dog realize his/her full canine potential in a safe and secure environment. Their goal is to make dogs happier and healthier, allowing their human families to enjoy the joys and rewards of sharing a home with a canine companion. Their methods are designed to help dogs become an obedient canine citizen.

Pawprints offers several levels of service, from exercise, play, and socialization with other dogs (and people), to group training to develop basic skills, and private training for those who need extra work or require more than the basic commands. They also have grooming services, boarding, and daycare. They have special classes and training packages available. Pawprints is located at 7900 12th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32966 — Phone: (772) 567-2121.

Pawprints is located on 12th Street in Vero Beach (photo courtesy of Pawprints).

A Dogs Life: Dog Daycare and Training

A Dog’s Life focuses on providing a place for dogs to play, exercise, and safely spend the day in the company of other dogs. Because dogs are pack animals, they thrive on interacting with members of their own species. However, healthy interaction among canines requires a certain amount of social skill training, which can help keep dogs healthy, while preventing or resolving any behavior issues that exist. At A Dog’s Life, their staff works to ensure all canine interactions provide the most beneficial experience for both dogs and their humans. A Dog’s Life offers daycare services, bathing, grooming, nail trimming, and special services catered to nutritional and weight-loss monitoring and counseling, medical supervision, and behavior modification. Their motto is “Play With a Purpose.” The owner is Cindy Wold and they are located at 1000 Old Dixie Industrial Park – 926 9th Way — (772) 770-2100.

Photo courtesy of A Dog’s Life, located on Old Dixie Industrial Park in Vero Beach.

Dogs For Life, Inc.

Dogs For Life, Inc. is dedicated to the training of service animals. Founded in 2001 by CEO Shelly Ferger, the non-profit organization has been turning lives around by providing independence and self-reliance for people who need assistance. Dogs For Life has also been able to provide a renewed purpose for abandoned dogs through specialized training. Dogs For Life trained assistance dogs enrich people’s lives – providing ears that hear smoke alarms, paws that tap a 911 button to call for emergency assistance, and legs that provide added mobility. And the fastest growing need for assistance dogs in Florida is among the brave men and women who have served in the United States military. They are located at 1230 16th Ave, Vero Beach and their phone number is (772) 567-8969.

Bark Busters of the Treasure Coast

Bark Busters is said to be one of the largest dog training company in the world. Their top-of- the-line dog training package is the all-inclusive Gold service and comes with the “Bark Busters Lifetime Support Guarantee.” Bark Busters has successfully trained more than one million dogs globally, according to their website,

Karen and Marc Deppe are the owners at
Bark Busters of the Treasure Coast.

Bark Busters is the only international dog training company that offers a worldwide written lifetime guarantee. Bark Busters trainers will work with you from the comfort of your home to address any problems, putting in place a one-on-one training and behavior modification program to resolve your dog’s behavioral issues. As your dog becomes more proficient, Bark Busters trainers will move outdoors, where many distractions can occur, to work on socialization and leash pulling. The advantages of the Lifetime Guarantee include: You pay one time, and if at any point during the life of the dog, training support is required, it is provided at no additional charge. They like to think of it as an “insurance policy” should your life circumstances change.

Karen and Marc Deppe are the ones in charge of Bark Busters of the Treasure Coast. They can be reached at 772-226-0085.

Vero Beach Canine Country Club

A country club for dogs. Yep, it’s as fancy and elegant as it sounds, and they offer not just dog training but an array of services. Established in 2002, the Vero Beach Canine Country Club has been serving pups of all breeds, sizes, and ages and gaining trust with their owners all along. They offer daycare, boarding, grooming, training, hurricane boarding, swimming lessons, luxury baths, massage, and nature walks on their five-acre property. The canine country club offer swim sessions on Saturdays available to members and non-members.

Vero Beach Canine Country Club, spread over five acres of Florida nature including walks and trails for your furry friends to enjoy and socialize with other dogs.

They are located at 6750 73rd Street in Vero Beach and their phone number is (772) 978-9817, email is

MC Balanced Dog Training

MC is Minnie, owner of MC Balanced Dog Training, and she is a member of The International Association of Canine Professionals and has attended the Train the Trainers workshop which focuses on balanced training methods and behavior modification. Minnie has also attended the MangoDogs shadow program in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she worked along with the head trainer Ted Efthymiadis (respectfully recognized world wide as a leader and expert in dog behavior specializing in aggression rehabilitation). Minnie continues her dog training education by attending seminars around the country with the top trainers in the industry several times a year.  

Her services include in-house boarding and training and private lessons. To contact her, visit the website, or call (772) 333-9574 or reach via email at

Best Behavior Pet Training

The pet trainers at Best Behavior Pet Training, LLC believe that training should be fun, effective, and humane. Their goal is to help pet owners understand what their pets are saying and what motivates them, which improves the ability to communicate pets. And they don’t just train dogs, but other pets as well including cats and birds. Best Behavior uses motivational training techniques that encompass praise and rewards to help pet owners to get the behavior they want.

The owner of Best Behavior Pet Training is Cecelia “Cissy” Sumner, CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA, PCT-A. Sumner entered the dog training industry in 2004. After more than 20 years in retail sales and management, dog training has become her passion. In addition to turning dogs into well-mannered companions, she also teaches and competes in the sport of canine agility.

Best Behavior Pet Training offers group classes, weekend training, basic training, in-house training, and a 2-week sleep away session. For more information, visit their website at, or contact them at (772) 978-7863 or email

Treasure Coast Dog Training

There are a variety of services offered by the trainers at Treasure Coast Dog Training, from private lessons where the trainer works with both owners and their pets, to training camps with a variety of options and inclusions. They offer payment plans and try to cater to the needs of their clients – both human and canine. They use positive reward training and work with owners to become more confident and capable of being in control of their canine.

Treasure Coast Dog Training can come to your work, schools, or business to teach your employees about bite dog safety prevention, service dog laws and decorum, dog body language, effective dog handling, and defensive dog handling if working with unpredictable or aggressive dogs.

In addition, Treasure Coast Dog Training offers boarding for your furry friends. To contact them, visit their Facebook page or website, or call them at (772) 800-6833.


PetSmart offers all kinds of dog training from puppy training, beginning thru advanced, and now offers service/therapy dog training.

PetSmart is a nationwide chain famous for its pet products, food, adoption availability, and offering of classes – from puppy training all the way up to service dog training. PetSmart’s accredited pet trainers teach both group and private classes and use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure learning is not only effective but also fun for both the pet and pet parent. PetSmart dog trainers help you start your new puppy off right by focusing on problem prevention or helping with unwanted behaviors that older pups and dogs may have already learned.

PetSmart of Vero Beach is located at 6590 20th Street and can be reached at (772) 562-2234. You can also see their website or find them on social media.


Petco is also part of a national chain of pet stores offering adoptions, the purchase of pet food, pet accessories, and the availability of dog training from puppy classes through adult/advanced classes. Petco’s positive dog training classes encourage good behavior through fun, informative group lessons led by expert dog trainers. Classes are offered in a secure environment where pups can learn the skills they need for real-world situations.

Petco of Vero Beach is located at 5975 20th Street and their phone number is (772) 770-4180. Their website is or find them on social media.

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