Summertime Fun with Palm Roses

Summer Time FunPalm Leaf RoseHere at the Vine we are having a lot of fun. Last week we were out on vacation and we missed our last email so we packed in a little extra for you this week. It doesn’t take too much to turn a boring hot day into an exciting adventurous one. While in Charleston my daughter saw street artists vending palm roses and used her own money she earned from minding her P’s and Q’s to purchase one for $3. She was saving for the big finale which was It’Sugar candy store. The palm roses must have made a huge impact because she said it was better than candy and decided she wanted to make her own. We ventured out into our community and located a nice fan palm tree and took several leaves home, looked up on YouTube how to make one and got started. It took a couple (10) times but we got it.
Stacy Cook
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