Steve Glaser

He’s often seen with his camera in hand and words of gratitude and giving coming from his lips. Local marketing, networking, and nonprofit supporter Steve Glaser is another widely recognized cool personality in Vero Beach.

Having grown up in New Jersey, Glaser has proudly been in the profession of photography with his younger sister, Julie, since their early teenage years.

“If you meet her, ask her how we rode her bicycle to our first paying job,” Glaser exclaimed. “She loves telling that story!” Steve also reminisced about stories of developing photos for clients in the bathroom of his childhood home – a practice that his mother wasn’t too thrilled about because of the chemicals in the bathtub. “I did what I had to do, though. I figure I had a client with a big order, the sink wasn’t going to be efficient enough and I could get a lot more done at once in the bathtub.”

Glaser moved to South Florida after college to open up a full-service photography studio. After opening up his first studio, he then went on to purchase and operate studios from Miami to Palm Beach. He eventually moved to Vero Beach in 2014 and has loved the area ever since, expressing his desire to stay here and keep life just as it is.

“I would like to see Vero, just stay Vero!” Glaser expressed. “I love the feeling of a small community filled with such wonderful, caring people.”

It’s those people, according to Glaser, that make working and living in Vero Beach such a desirable place to call home.

“Since arriving, I have continued my photography business and have been very involved in the networking and marketing community,” Glaser said. “Most recently, I direct three business networking luncheons from Sebastian to Port Saint Lucie. My networking groups continue to generate income for our entire business community.”

The most successful of those groups is WE ARE VERO, according to Glaser. The network, which currently has over one thousand followers on Facebook, was created with the goal in mind of bringing people together in the local business community. He organizes the gatherings and lets business owners, entrepreneurs, network marketers, freelancers, and nonprofits introduce themselves and anything timely with their businesses, services, or causes.  

“Our weekly luncheons provide our attendees a great opportunity for making new friends, while building strong mutually rewarding business relationships,” Glaser explained.

“I always thought of myself as a “cool” personality, but sometimes it is not easy!” he joked.   

Steve Glaser, Vero Beach Photographer

‘“Cool” can mean different things to different people. To me, if you are authentic, you exude confidence, and focus on a positive way of living while treating others with kindness and respect and always show an interest to lend a helping hand to others in need – then you are very cool.”

On the weekends, Glaser looks forward to capturing photographic memories at local weddings. Weeknights, he can be found listening to live music – mainly at Waldo’s and Grind + Grape. He pointed out that no matter what environment he is in, he thoroughly enjoys being surrounded by people that are happy and enjoying life. 

“I’ve been passionate about photography since my teenage years,” Steve noted. “But mostly, I am passionate about my biggest blessing – my wonderful family and close friends.” 

He gives credit where credit is due, and acknowledges those who have supported him and guided him since he first moved here. He also takes that support given to him and passes it along to others every chance he can.

“Susan Harris, Marketing Director of Jetson’s TV & Appliances, has helped me greatly with different business and networking ideas,” Glaser said. “Also, David Moshier, owner of City Guide and Oasis Creative Services has positively impacted my success here in Vero Beach. Both Susan and David are true blessings to our caring community.” 

Steve has been active with several nonprofits that he cares a great deal about. They include: Source Ministries, Feed the Lambs, Hope for Families, Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club, Suncoast, and Little Birthday Angels.

To reach Steve Glaser for photography or networking purposes, he can be found on social media, or his website,  He can also be reached via phone at (954) 261-0544.

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