Meet Vanessa Heins: The Fashion Maven of Vero Beach’s Casp Baby Mommy & Me Boutique

Introducing Vanessa Heins, the visionary behind Casp Baby Mommy & Me Boutique, an online fashion haven based in Vero Beach. Vanessa’s journey from a fashion enthusiast to a small business owner is a remarkable story of passion and dedication.

Vanessa’s love for fashion traces back to her childhood, and as she grew older, her fascination with design deepened. Her family’s extensive travels across the US, Canada, and Europe due to her husband’s career exposed her to unique and high-quality children’s items from various countries. These experiences ignited her dream of opening a boutique.

Settling in sunny Florida and inspired by her three children, Vanessa decided it was time to turn her dream into reality. In March 2015, Casp Baby Mommy & Me Boutique was born, starting as a brick-and-mortar store. The boutique initially focused on women’s maternity wear but quickly expanded to include matching mommy and me apparel and accessories. Vanessa’s obsession with coordinating her children’s outfits naturally led her to this fun and unique concept.

Casp Baby aims to bring high-quality, sustainable, and stylish items to the Vero Beach community and beyond. Vanessa takes pride in personally hand-picking each item, ensuring that it meets her stringent criteria for safety and longevity. Exceptional customer service is a hallmark of Casp Baby, making it a trusted destination for families.

Vanessa’s commitment to supporting small businesses echoes through her boutique’s carefully curated brands. She believes in endorsing businesses that share her dedication to quality and sustainability. Vanessa’s passion for European fashion, which she cultivated during her time abroad, is reflected in her collection.

Although Casp Baby Mommy & Me Boutique no longer has a physical storefront, its dedication to fashion and community support remains unwavering. Vanessa has transformed her dream into a thriving online destination, offering a wide array of apparel, shoes, and accessories for mothers and children.

Beyond fashion, Vanessa’s heartwarming commitment to making a difference is evident. Casp Baby supports Headbands of Hope, a non-profit featured on the Today Show that provides headbands to girls with cancer and contributes to cancer research. Every headband sold at Casp Baby contributes to this meaningful cause.

Vanessa Heins’ vision and passion for curating exceptional fashion continue to shine through at Casp Baby Mommy & Me Boutique, making it a beloved online destination for families seeking quality, style, and community support.

Photo: Casp Baby
Photo: Casp Baby
Photo: Casp Baby
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