Meet Steve Renfrew: Vero Beach’s Coolest Personality and the Driving Force Behind House of Gainz

In the heart of Vero Beach, there’s a guy who’s making waves in ways you wouldn’t believe. Steve Renfew, a man who juggles life as a loving husband, dedicated dad, and a life-saving ER nurse, also happens to be the brains and brawn behind House of Gainz. Back in 2019, Steve started with a dream in his garage and, fast forward to 2021, he turned that dream into one of the coolest, full-scale gyms around. It’s more than just a passion project for Steve; it’s his way of touching lives, one workout at a time.

House of Gainz? It’s not your run-of-the-mill gym. It mirrors Steve’s big heart, a trait he brings from his days and nights in the ER. Here, it’s all about compassion meeting fitness. Members aren’t just faces in the crowd; they’re part of Steve’s extended gym family. It’s a place buzzing with encouragement, respect, and genuine care for each person’s fitness journey.

Now, Steve’s always got an ear to the ground, tuned in to what his members need. Whether it’s bringing in the latest fitness gear or crafting new workout spaces, he’s all about keeping House of Gainz top-notch. His latest move? Setting up a special room just for the powerlifters in the crew. It’s these kinds of thoughtful upgrades that have taken House of Gainz from just being good to downright awesome.

Steve’s more than just a coach or gym owner; he’s a trailblazer, a friend who’s redefining the whole gym experience. House of Gainz isn’t just about getting fit; it’s a place where personal goals are reached, friendships are forged, and everyone gets a dose of motivation and inspiration.

And let’s talk about the upcoming Grip & Rip Deadlift Competition at House of Gainz! It’s not just any event; it’s a powerhouse of energy and community spirit. Imagine the buzz of people pushing their limits, the crowd cheering on, and that amazing vibe of camaraderie. Competitors can register by December 6th for only $50, and both men and women are welcome to compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. Spectators can come and enjoy the fun, good music, and food for $5. Don’t miss this adrenaline-pumping event where strength meets spirit in an unforgettable showdown! Click here for all the details and to join in the fun.

Steve and the House of Gainz gang are more than just about lifting weights; they’re lifting spirits and building a community where everyone belongs and thrives. It’s a place where you walk in with goals and walk out with achievements and friends. At House of Gainz, every day is a chance to be stronger, and every member is a reason to celebrate!

Photo: House of Gainz
Photo: House of Gainz
Photo: House of Gainz
Tiffany Bent