Meet Lisa Duke: Transforming Lives and Redefining Wellness

Are you a vivacious woman over 40 ready to embark on a journey of health transformation? Look no further! Lisa Duke Coaching proudly presents Weight University, your gateway to unlocking a vibrant, confident, and healthier you.

Meet Lisa Duke, the visionary behind this transformative program. As a Certified Life and Weight Coach, Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and a cutting-edge approach to wellness. With techniques like the mind-blowing EFT tapping, she guides you through a wellness journey like no other.

What sets Lisa apart? She’s not just the captain of the ship; she was the first to set sail! Picture this: Lisa, at 46, shedding an incredible 50 pounds using her ACE Weight Loss Methodology. That’s the kind of captain we want steering our ship to success!

No matter where you are on the map, Lisa’s got your back. Based in sunny Stuart, Florida, she’s breaking borders with nationwide online sessions via Zoom. Your transformation is just a click away!

Ready to dip your toes into the magic of EFT tapping? Join Lisa on a journey to rediscover yourself, transform your health, and embrace a vibrant life like never before.

Note: Lisa Duke is a Certified Life and Weight Coach through The Life Coach School, a trained EFT, Hacking Reality, and ThetaHealing practitioner, and an Ordained Minister. She is not a licensed therapist or psychologist and does not diagnose or treat any medical, psychiatric, or psychological condition. Weight loss done differently – let’s work together!

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