Heard it Through the Vero Vine

Vero VineIntroducing Vero Beach’s first online grapevine;

The fastest growing social network on the Treasure Coast featuring reviews, recommendations and referrals for the community by the community

VERO BEACH, Fla. (Sept. 15, 2014) — A digital phenomenon of growing popularity in the nation’s biggest cities has finally taken root in the quaint, seaside town of Vero Beach. Vero Vine, the first online grapevine to sprout up in Vero Beach just a few short months ago, has become the fastest growing social network on the Treasure Coast. An engaging, fun and family-centric network, the invitation-only digital group of members and contributors is now the go-to source for reviews, recommendations and referrals for the community, by the community. Best of all, it’s free.

“My husband and I started Vero Vine as a way to become more involved in the community with our kids – a blended family of three (and soon four, with our daughter due in October),” said Meghan Cook, founder of Vero Vine. “As parents wanting to fill our children’s schedules with plenty of fun and educational activities, we were always scouring the internet to find new things to do. It was a tedious task, because there was no one source that offered updated information, regularly. Thus, the concept of Vero Vine was born. My husband, Stacy Cook, with his background in digital marketing, brought that concept to life.”

The online grapevine is delivered in the form of a weekly email newsletter. Joining and contributing is easy. Community members just have to visit VeroVine.com to request an invitation or submit information. Once a member, people receive an email every Thursday with local information, from kid-friendly events, educational activities and household help referrals, to museum exhibitions, back-to-school sales and date night recommendations. Plus, those in need of information even faster can visit Vero Vine on Facebook or Pinterest to connect directly with the community, in real time.

“Since its inception three months ago, Vero Vine has had over a quarter million social interactions with the community across all platforms combined,” adds Stacy Cook. “The Vine has grown faster than we imagined and the beautiful part of it is, not only is it great for our family, but the community also reaps the harvest of its success. Our ultimate goal is to bring the community closer together.”

Bringing the community together, it has. Last month, Vero Vine launched its first contest – Vero’s Best Dog Photo Contest. The competition garnered more than 250 entries and over 100,000 views, and included a photo entry of local country music celebrity Jake Owen’s dog, Merle, from The Owen Army. Participants used social media to promote photos for the most likes for their four-legged family members in effort to win a number of prizes valued at $500.

The Vine is also helping the community with real issues. The burglary rate in Vero Beach had increased substantially during the summer. To alert the community, Vero Vine posted a map from CrimeMapping.com which publishes data from the Sheriff’s Department. Following the post, a local security company joined in to offer free home checks for members, plus a free smoke detection monitor for anyone who installed a security system in their home.

“Vero Vine is the best thing to happen to the area since the opening of the Disney Vero Beach Resort and Sea Turtle Conservancy. Getting the community together to do positive things is truly a remarkable experience for all involved,” adds R. Brian Baker, vice president of design for The Walt Disney Corporation and a contributor to Vero Vine.

“There is a lot of untapped information and exciting things happening everyday in Vero Beach. Vero Vine is the exclusive portal to accessing it all,” concludes Stacy Cook.

For more information about Vero Vine visit www.VeroVine.com or like them on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/VeroVine.


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