Halo Rescue: Every Life Counts – A No-Kill Rescue in Sebastian, FL

Halo Rescue is a no-kill animal shelter located in Sebastian, Florida, that is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless pets and protecting them from abuse and neglect. Their mission is to help animals live and overcome, and they achieve this through providing a safe haven for animals, educating the community, and offering resources and programs.

Halo Rescue firmly believes that every life counts, and they take extraordinary measures to save the lives of all animals that come through their doors. They believe that transparency is essential in the implementation of no-kill programs, and this is why they use the “noses in, noses out” reporting method. This means that they never leave any animals out of their calculations, regardless of the circumstances. In 2022, they achieved an impressive 97% save rate, which is a testament to their dedication and hard work.

As a private no-kill rescue, Halo Rescue does not receive any funding from the county or state. This means that their ability to save lives starts and continues with the support of the community. They are incredibly grateful to their supporters for standing beside them in their commitment to creating a better world for pets and their people.

Halo Rescue offers a wide range of programs and resources to the community, including adoption services, volunteer opportunities, and educational programs. They believe in engaging the community in their efforts to help animals live and overcome, and they work tirelessly to provide resources and support to those in need.

Thanks to the Leslie Alexander Foundation, all donations made to Halo Rescue are matched up to $20,000. This means that your support can go even further in helping them achieve their mission of creating a world with no more homeless pets.

In conclusion, Halo Rescue is an incredible organization that is doing important work in the community. Their dedication to saving the lives of all animals is truly inspiring, and their commitment to transparency and community engagement is essential in their efforts to create a better world for pets and their people. If you are looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of animals in need, consider supporting Halo Rescue and their mission to help animals live and overcome.

Tiffany Bent