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All of our pets are spayed/neutered, up to date on all vaccines, heartworm tested, fecal tested, rabies & tag, & micro-chipped before being placed in your home.  Our adoption fees help cover this cost.

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Marlowe & Marchie here – we are a beautiful pair of bonded sisters searching for a loving family to give us a home.  We both adore wet food and treats.  You will need to go slow with us as we are quite bashful. 

Together our adoption fee is $0 – Sponsored by an Angel.

Esther here – I’m just a Florida girl looking for a partner to sun bathe with for the rest of my life. I came to Halo in rough condition and I can be a little untrusting. With a little work, I will become your best friend. I need a quiet 1-2-person home with no cats, other dogs, or children. I long for routine, structure, and lots of belly scratches.

My adoption fee is $0 – sponsored by an Angel.

Miz Peanut is a sweet, sweet girl. She’s laid back but a bit on the bashful side at first. Give her just a little time and she warms up nicely. Miz Peanut has some hobbies – napping on a favorite chair, playing with balls, and rolling with a catnip toy. She’s a champ at grooming – just look at her beautiful black & white coat! Come in and meet this baby – see if she’s the one for you!

Zazu:  I am a sweet boy who’s ready to continue to learn and grow in a home of my own. I was used as a bait dog and am lucky to have survived. Given my past, HALO staff feel the best fit for me would be as an only pet with loving adults willing to spend time building my social skills up through care and consistency.

Little Betty has come so far – just look at her progression in the pictures on our website. She is more than ready to start her new life outside of the shelter. She’s a mature and mellow gal who would love nothing more than a quiet home where she can just relax and laze in a sunbeam. At this point, she’s not a big cuddler but that may come with time. Do you have the right home for her? She promises not to be any trouble. Will you give her a chance?

Azul Dreams:  I am a super sweet yet excitable girl. I have trouble controlling my mouthy behaviors around people. Once I settle into meeting you, I am a snuggler. When a new person comes around I lose my marbles until I can tell you how excited I am! Looking for an adult-only home to work with me on being super excitable and using my mouth. I’m not aggressive mouthy, just mouthy-mouthy.

Babie & Snoopy – So much to love about our sweet, sweet Snoopy. Affectionate and loving and just looking for a nice lap to warm. To make this deal even better, Snoopy comes with his beautiful sister, Babie. She can be a bit bashful at first but with time, we bet she’ll steal your heart too! Come in and meet this great pair of fuzzies! The adoption fee is $0 – sponsored by an angel.

I am a super sweet man that needs a home with leadership. I can be alpha and do require guidance to help me make good decisions. I adore my humans, car rides, and swimming. I am a strong puller on a leash so a good fence would be ideal. Major is available for Foster to Adopt as he is Heart Worm positive.

This declawed tabby boy has some really beautiful dark markings – simply gorgeous! He’s struggling a bit here as his owner had to give him up for health reasons, so his world is upside-down. He’s very friendly and can be outgoing and oh so charming. We think he’d be happiest as the only feline in the home. It’s clear that he just wants someone to love. Hopefully, you can give this handsome boy a fresh, new life. He’s ready to give you his heart! Ask for Taz!

Look at that face!!! A spunky, fun, little lovebug of cat, with just a touch of sass – that’s our Itchy. He loves exploring his surroundings and just loves to try to help out where ever he can. He’s been dreaming of a family where he can express his love and enjoy toys and treats and all the cool things life has to offer! Requirements: Special SO diet.  Come in and meet him soon!

Sadly we lost our owner and are looking for a special home. We are friendly, shy, and playful. We have not shown great around new dogs we meet, but HALO handlers are hopeful to get us playing. We know sit, love rope toys, running, and jumping! Looking for a home with love for two! Pig & Rubble’s adoption fee is $0- Sponsored by Milcor Group!

Junior is a sweet and special little man! He recently went through PU surgery. Now, he’s healed and ready to get on with the good life he was meant to live. Junior is friendly and enjoys attention. He’s easy-going and simply looking to love and be loved. Bonus – he’s a bigfoot with six toes, so cute! Come in and meet this beautiful boy!

Tristan – I am a typical Malinois mix personality. I have no human aggression but have not tested well with other animals yet. I am incredibly smart and need a job. I am looking for an active family that has time to run and exercise me. A family that understands a high drive dog. I do settle in my crate for sleep time and I love toys. I quickly claim my people and have some separation anxiety when I am not with you.

Baby is such a super sweet girl! It’s been tough going lately but she’s optimistic about finding her new forever family. She enjoys her treats and a kind person to sit and snuggle with – so simple! She will sit patiently waiting for you to share a bite or two of your lunch with her. She is a master at giving head butts, so sweet. Why don’t you come on in and see if she’s the “baby” for you? Baby’s Adoptions fee is $0 – sponsored by an Angel!

Templeton – Here’s a sweet and friendly little buddy for you. He’d love nothing more than to hang out watching shows and having snacks. Maybe a little playtime after the shows would be fun too. He’s a calm and mellow guy who would be a great companion. Templeton is available under our Foster to Adopt program as he is Diabetic and needs to be monitored until his insulin is regulated. Come in and meet him!

Roman – I am a super beautiful man that loves the ladies! While I am friendly with men, I will claim my female human in the home so a female-only home is ideal, but I can make it work with both if you are willing to follow up with training at HALO! Roman’s adoption fee is $0 – Sponsored by an Angel.

Curly Cue – Come in and meet this pretty little Tabby girl with her cute curly-cue tail. She’d really love to be hanging out with you enjoying a nice afternoon siesta. How about some nice toy mice and a few catnip toys – she’ll be set and happy. Curly Cue’s here waiting for you! Click here to check out my video. Also sponsored.

I am a wonderful cattle breed-style girl. I will nip at your feet to herd you, love to play, love my crate but with the door open only, am good when left alone in the house, love balls and car rides and frozen veggies! I will push the limits with my humans so looking for a family to take the time with HALO trainers to understand my high drive needs so that we grow together. Lyla’s adoption fee has been sponsored by Angel!

This little declawed lady is so cute with her flirty kitty persona. She wants love so much, but she’s a bit picky as to how you pet her – you’d best do it right. We call that “catitude” and her flavor is sweet & sour. We know that once she’s settled in a home, she loses the sour part pretty quickly. Regardless, Lolita will keep you on your toes with her sassy pants antics. Mostly though, she’ll melt your heart when she’s in lovebug mode. Set up a meet & greet!

I am gentle and sweet with my humans big and small. I do not do well with other pets but if you are looking for a single animal companion, I am wonderful. I have been through a scary medical journey that HALO helped me survive and now that I am healthy, I am ready to live my life in a forever family of my own! I have medication, a special diet and am under H.A.L.O.’s Foster to Adopt program. Please meet me and give me the chance at winning your heart! Bella’s adoption fee has been sponsored!

Maria is as sweet as pie, and oh so loving! She’s just a little bit of a nervous Nellie right now. She’ll warm up nicely once she gets in a more comfortable environment. For the moment, just enjoy this adorable wide-eyed kitty look she’s got going for her. She’ll be easy to please with a squishy bed, some yummy treats, and most important of all – your loving touch. Come in and meet this sweet pea! Her adoption fee has been sponsored!

I am a beautiful boy that ended up homeless. I am best as an only pet and looking for a family to share life with – extra car rides are a must! I do have some quirks and am not the type of dog to be smothered on so an experienced, quiet home is the best fit for me. Dax’s adoption fee is $0- Sponsored by an Angel!

Oooh, check out this green-eyed handsome man! Elf is a sweet, gentle little fellow that just wants your love. He wouldn’t object to a comfy bed, some toys, and yummy treats either. Bonus, he’s a total purr machine! How about giving this boy a chance to be your favorite feline? My adoption fee is $0 Sponsored by Carol & Dean Tapp!

Sweet Bahama momma looking for a forever home! I am a very shy girl that takes time to warm up to new things. Loud noises, new environments, and fast movements tend to startle me. My ideal home would have a fenced yard. Mornings are my favorite part of the day so I will be one to greet you with a tail wag when you wake up. I love toys and will grab all of them and take them to my safe space, I want them to be safe with me too! I was heartworm positive when I first came to H.A.L.O., but have since completed my treatment and am now ready to find the family that will give me all the love I’ve been dreaming of!

Bobbie Socks – This little lady has a fun personality to go with her charming good looks and adorable bobtail. She has been a very sweet little minx here with us and as a little bonus for you, she’s already harness trained. Bobbi does best on a special fiber response diet. Come in and meet her, but be ready because you’ll probably fall in love.

I am one of THE most loving and full-of-life dogs you will ever meet! Saved in the Bahamas I suffered from old spinal fractures that have caused my wonky walk. I do get around great and medications for arthritis help as well. Therapists and acupuncturists are working to give me some control of my bladder. I do wear diapers well, I even flew here from the Bahamas in them! Looking for the love of a home to see past my differences and give me a chance at a world outside of a shelter cage.

Lincoln is a very handsome, sweet boy that would just love to chill and relax with you. He loves paw massages, his blanket, and stuffed animals that he can use to make biscuits. Or maybe he’d just like to hang out in a sunbeam on a window sill or lanai somewhere. He enjoys attention but definitely won’t be too needy or have to be held all the time. And did we mention handsome??? Being FIV+ means that he needs to be with other friendly FIV+ cats or your only feline friend. Come in and meet him soon!

Adoptable Dogs Adoptable Cats

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