Getting a Sense of the Community & Getting Involved

Community Cork BoardStarting Vero Vine was not really an impulse decision, or one that was made with a business plan in mind. It was just an attempt at doing something better that we already love to do; shareinformation with our friends. Most everyone is already wired this way, and that is why we have friends, mingle, and socialize with others. The exchange of information benefits all. I have to say, in the last month or so, I have learned that the Vero community and surrounding areas are very artistically focused. Photography is certainly liked amongst all, and there is a genuine fondness for nature, wildlife, and of course, the beach. Keeping up with all of these interests, and organizing the submitted information is our goal to make your life easier. The Vine is growing so fast that we are now looking for writers, photographers and reporters to join our team. Amateurs and hobbyists are welcome too. Submitting information is not just for paid positions. Please share that amazing photo you captured, a review of a fantastic dinner out, a fun time you had at an event, or any local positive experience. This community is meant to be an interactive one, so please join in! A big thank you to all for your submissions. Contact Vero Vine.

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