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There are some who scoff at Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark Holiday” and put the kibosh on celebrating. Any bad holiday experience can trigger this Scrooge effect. To those, I usually reply: “I’m not quite sure who farted on your birthday cake, but you need to get over it.” Life should be celebrated in small and big ways. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to turn that frown upside down.. From as far back as I can remember, friends have always asked for my sage advice on gift giving. Here’s a few tips so you can be master of your own destiny.

Quick Tips on Valentine’s Day Gift Giving

Tickets to one or all of the fun events at Vero Beach Food Wine & Music, from February 16-18, help to support charities you love:

Romantic Matteo Bocelli concert. His voice is as yummy as his dad Andrea Bocelli. The scene is under the stars or a big tent in a supper club setting with gourmet bites and wine served at your table. Very post and perfect for a Friday night outing on February 16.

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Tip #1: Make it meaningful and relevant to that someone you love. After all, 
love is an outward emotion. Here’s an example: Chelsea, a birdwatcher and 
writer friend of mine, received a framed photo of two mated swans. Written 
within the matte inset was: “For this was Saint Valentine’s 
Day, when every bird of every kind comes to this place to choose his mate.” 
Geoffrey Chaucer, c. 1381 The handmade card explained it’s meaning. “This quote 
is from The Parliament of Fowls written in 1381 and it’s the first time Valentine’s 
Day was ever mentioned in print. It references the early tradition of this being 
the date when birds began to choose their mates.” By the way, Chelsea loves swans, 
swans mate for life and 1381 is way before Hallmark was around. Now that’s romantic! 
Believe me, Chelsea’s boyfriend Craig has been forever grateful to me for helping 
him through his gift block since it teed him up for a marriage proposal in late 
March that year. This wasn’t all my idea, but my tip and some thoughtful web 
browsing brought it to fruition. You can come up with something that will leave 
your loved one as awestruck as Chelsea.

Saturday night Celebrity Chefs Dinner, where you’ll be wined and dined by Graham
Elliot, Shaun O’Neale, Alex Thomopoulos and Christi Ferretti on February 17.

Sunday’s Pinots & Pups Fashion Show or Bark Bistro Interactive Brunch on February 18

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This Unprecedented Event Offers The Opportunity To Mingle With All The Amazing VBFWM Talent.

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Tip #2: Think back to past conversations, when you really listened to what your 
other was saying. Is there some gesture that you could do that relates back to 
that? Maybe it’s relaxation, adventure or a romantic interlude. There’s something 
for kids of all ages and all price ranges right here in Vero Beach this time 
of year. With Valentine’s Day landing on a weekday and schedules being sometimes 
hectic, you may want to do a little something special on the 14th with plans for an 
adventure on an upcoming weekend.

Join  VBFWM after glow party.

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Family trip to Brevard Zoo to have Donuts with Dinos on February 24:

Weekend spa package for two at a local beachfront hotel:

Tip #3: If you are new to a relationship and the path before you is a 
little uncertain, you may want to play it cool with the traditional card, 
candies and flowers. A huge romantic gesture can send the wrong message with 
false expectations on either end. Regardless of what you do, remember that 
thoughtful gifts or gestures are ways of telling someone that you are thinking 
about them when they aren’t with you and making a statement that is about what’s 
uniquely about your relationship. Have fun celebrating!

Stroll through McKee Botanical Garden and lunch at the cafe:

Bowling is America’s #1 participation activity with over 70 million people bowling each year!

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