Find the Vero Pier

The Vero Beach Pier The Vero Pier is somewhat of a mystery to some, as it is the most frequently inquired about location on Vero Vine. That may sound stange, but go ahead, take a walk just north of Jaycee beach and discover the Vero Pier. Under the Vero Pier Photo by Clyde Scent. find-the-vero-pier On Google Maps of course you cannot see it. However if you click the Google Earth options to view the satellite image of the beach. find-the-vero-pier-visual Click to “Street View” and the address is located at Seaquay 4756 Hwy A1A Vero Beach, Florida. 4756 Hwy A1A   Google Maps Just behind this building is the Vero beach Pier. A great spot to take your vacation photos. jaycee park   Google Maps The pier is private access only and is visible and walk-able from Jaycee Park. Vero Beach   Google Maps If you have any questions to ask, we would be happy to answer them for you and if we don’t know the answer, the Community will certainly get the job done. Ask Vero Vine a Question.