Exploring Culinary Delights: The Top 9 Lunch Spots to Visit in Vero Beach, Florida

Hello, fellow Vero Beach locals and visitors alike! Our picturesque corner of Florida is known for more than just our stunning beaches and tranquil landscapes, it’s also home to a buzzing food scene that never fails to impress. We’re spoiled for choice with our dining options, where the freshest seafood meets the heartiest American fare and exciting international dishes. Vero Beach truly has something to offer everyone – from the most adventurous foodies to those who prefer their time-tested favorites. So, whether you’re a local looking to explore new venues, or a visitor seeking to taste the best of our culinary delights, this guide will take you through the top 9 lunch spots right here in our beloved city. Be prepared to rediscover Vero Beach, one delicious lunch at a time!

In no particular order:

In the bustling realm of lunchtime dining, Chive stands as a beacon for those seeking something beyond the ordinary. This establishment, a proud offering from the seasoned owners of Wild Thyme Catering, shakes up the norm with its chef-inspired, quick, and creative cuisine. Chive caters to a broad range of tastes, breaking away from the monotony of traditional menus and offering a gustatory adventure for its patrons. Here, the choices are as varied as the customers, reflecting the diverse community it serves. Chive’s ethos perfectly harmonizes with the rhythm of modern life, understanding the need for a satisfying meal that fits comfortably within the constraints of a busy schedule. It is a unique spot where individual tastes are celebrated, making each visit a personalized dining experience.

Nick’s Family Restaurant has recently re-opened its doors to a wave of acclaim. Known for its cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and a diverse menu, it has quickly earned a reputation as an ideal locale for casual dining. The standout? Their wings, widely celebrated as the best in town, perfectly crisped on the outside and succulently juicy on the inside. The choice of flavors caters to every taste, from the heat-seekers to the mild aficionados. A word to the wise, though, be sure to arrive early. The secret is out about Nick’s, and this beloved eatery tends to get busy, testament to the culinary delights that await within.

Taco Dive, a cherished locale in our community, was envisioned as a neighborhood joint – that comfortable ‘hole in the wall’ where everyone knows your name, and you’re never truly dining alone. Offering a cozy space for all to enjoy, Taco Dive prides itself on its carefully curated menu that, although compact, brims with offerings freshly prepared in-house daily. The goal was never to have an extensive menu but to focus on excelling in a few, well-crafted items, turning each bite into a memorable experience. While there might not be a wild, cross-country journey to credit for their unique recipes, Taco Dive’s heart and soul lie in their homegrown recipes crafted right in their own kitchens. They may have started on a shoestring budget, but their boundless passion for creating delicious, welcoming experiences is evident and priceless.

A stone’s throw from the beach on Cardinal Drive, Chelsea’s Market on Cardinal shines as a premier destination for gourmet and all-natural food offerings. More than just a market, Chelsea’s is a community hub, championing a fun, friendly environment where friends and family can convene over delectable meals. Known for its eclectic selection of boutique wines and craft beers, it offers both local and global provisions, ensuring a gastronomic adventure for every visitor. From gourmet sandwiches to tempting ‘bistro to go’ options, decadent desserts, and a thoughtful gift salon, Chelsea’s has something for everyone. Not to mention their top-notch catering service, ready to bring the unique Chelsea’s experience to your next gathering. So, for a food-centric gathering that’s sure to impress, let Chelsea’s Market on Cardinal set the perfect table.

In the heart of Beachside’s vibrant shopping and dining district, The Lemon Tree Restaurant proudly upholds its long-standing tradition of providing delicious food at a great value. This venue has won the hearts of locals and visitors alike, earning a reputation as a preferred dining destination in the area. The Lemon Tree’s success lies not only in its tempting menu but also in the cherished relationships it has cultivated with its patrons. The team at The Lemon Tree extends their heartfelt thanks to their customers for making the restaurant such a special place, and they warmly invite everyone to join them for a meal. They believe, and their loyal customers agree, once you’ve tasted what The Lemon Tree has to offer, you’re sure to return for more!

La Tabla, translating to “the table” or “the board,” is a culinary haven that believes in the power of simplicity and the inherent goodness of food. They adhere to a less-is-more philosophy, eschewing extensive ingredient lists and processed elements in favor of natural, wholesome, and, whenever possible, locally sourced and organic produce. At La Tabla, the focus is on nourishment that satisfies both the body and soul, striking a harmonious balance between eating for sustenance and eating for pleasure. Their guiding principle is that we are what we eat, and therefore, what we consume should elevate our overall well-being. This ethos permeates every dish served at La Tabla, making it a place where diners can indulge in delicious food that also makes them feel good.

Nestled just a short stroll from the beach, on the corner of Cardinal Drive and Azalea Lane, Casey’s Place is an emblem of the laid-back, delicious charm of Vero Beach. With its outdoor setting shaded by market umbrellas and furnished with classic wooden tables, this local favorite is a popular draw for food enthusiasts, some even making the journey from as far as West Palm Beach to savor their offerings. Founded in 1981 by native Casey Steil, Casey’s Place quickly solidified its place as a unique, casual dining hotspot in the city. The restaurant is best known for its char-broiled burgers, but its diverse menu has something to tickle everyone’s taste buds – from grilled and blackened marinated chicken sandwiches and hearty 1/4lb ‘belly buster’ hot dogs, to fresh salads and an assortment of cold and grilled sandwiches. Every bite at Casey’s Place promises a celebration of flavors!

C.J. Cannon’s Restaurant and Lounge has been serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner for over 30 years in Vero Beach, and has become a destination for locals, visitors and celebrities through out the years.

With a history that feels as timeless as the Indian River it sits alongside, the Riverside Cafe in Vero Beach, Florida, has served as more than just a restaurant for generations. This local staple delights its guests with fantastic food and extraordinarily cold drinks, thanks to tap lines that chill their wide selection of domestic, imported, or craft draft beer to a perfect 33 degrees. The Riverside Cafe is not only a venue for casual dining, but it also comfortably accommodates large parties and banquets, making it an ideal locale for your next event. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the 35 large high-definition TVs with BOSE sound, broadcasting every sport imaginable, and offering Direct TV NFL and College Football Packages during the season. With an exciting events calendar featuring upcoming bands, contests, and more, there’s always something happening at the Riverside Cafe. So, the next time you’re looking for a warm, friendly environment to unwind, be sure to make your way to Riverside Cafe.


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