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    Oct 25 2022 - Nov 13 2022


    2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Riverside Theatre presents Butterflies Are Free

    <div class=’ai1ec-event-avatar alignleft timely’><img src=’https://timelyapp-prod.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/images/38898986/Screen%20Shot%202022-10-17%20at%208_Objx.14′ /></div><p>Butterflies are Free, by American playwright Leonard Gershe, revolves around a 20-something young</p>
    <p>man, Don Baker, who has just moved into a new apartment in New York City. Don has lived a</p>
    <p>sheltered life and his move to the city is his opportunity to prove to his mother of his self-sufficiency</p>
    <p>and the ability to live on his own. Due to his blindness, Don has never lived apart from his mother.</p>
    <p>Once a larger residence, Don’s apartment was cordoned off to make two separate living spaces many</p>
    <p>years ago. In the adjoining apartment lives Jill Tanner, a flighty, commitment-phobe, who also recently</p>
    <p>moved into the city with dreams of becoming a famous actress.</p>
    <p>With paper thin walls, Don asks Jill to turn down the volume of her television beginning a</p>
    <p>conversation from their separate dwellings that culminates with Jill inviting herself over.</p>
    <p>3250 Riverside Park Dr., Vero Beach, FL 32963</p>
    <p>772-231-5860 772-234-5298 (Fax)</p>
    <p>Contact: Oscar Sales, Jr.</p>
    <p>When she enters, Jill is astonished at the expanse of Don’s apartment and marvels that everything is</p>
    <p>neat and tidy – everything is in its proper place. She wonders how he, a man, can keep the place so</p>
    <p>orderly, while her place is so sloppy. It takes Jill a while to figure out why things are in specific places.</p>
    <p>Jill is as fascinated by Don’s orderly life as Don is interested in Jill’s bohemian lifestyle. As their</p>
    <p>comforts grow, the two neighbors quickly fall for each other and by the end of the first act, they begin</p>
    <p>an affair.</p>
    <p>Enter Don’s domineering mother, Mrs. Baker, who’s not too pleased with what is transpiring.</p>
    <p>Understandably, Mrs. Baker is very protective of her son and sees Jill as a passing fancy that will break</p>
    <p>her son’s heart. When Don offers to get some food from the store downstairs, Mrs. Baker tries to paint</p>
    <p>Jill a dour picture of what life will be like with a blind person. Scared of an uncertain future with Don,</p>
    <p>Jill falls into the arms of the director of her next audition.</p>
    <p>What will become of the star-crossed lovers? Will Don return to living with his mom or stay living on</p>
    <p>his own?</p>
    <p>Butterflies are Free is a funny, touching and emotional play about the risks that go with loving</p>
    <p>Loosely based on the life of attorney/activist Harold Krents, Butterflies are Free opened at Broadway’s Booth</p>
    <p>Theatre on October 21, 1969 and ran for 1,128 performances. The original production starred Keir Dullea as</p>
    <p>Don, Blythe Danner as Jill, Eileen Heckart as Mrs. Baker and Paul Michael Glaser as Ralph.</p>
    <p>A 1972 film adaptation relocated the story to San Francisco and starred Goldie Hawn as Jill and</p>
    <p>Edward Albert, in his first film role, as Don. Eileen Heckert, who reprised her Broadway role as Mrs.</p>
    <p>Baker for the film, won the Academy Award as outstanding actress in a supporting role.</p>
    <p>Riverside Theatre’s production is Directed and Scenically Designed by Allen D. Cornell and features</p>
    <p>Alec Nevin as Don Baker, Allison Elaine as Jill Tanner, Laurie Carter Rose as Mrs. Baker and Alec</p>
    <p>Ricardo Ruiz as Ralph Austin.</p>
    <p>The production crew includes: Anna Hillbery (Costume &amp; Wig Designer), William Gibbons-Brown</p>
    <p>(Lighting Designer), Ryan Gravett (Sound Designer), Ingrid Olson (Production Stage Manager) and</p>
    <p>Jason Weixelman (Assistant Stage Manager).</p>
    <p>Butterflies Are Free performs October 25 – November 13, 2022 on the Stark Stage at Riverside</p>
    <p>Theatre. Tickets start at $45. Tickets can be purchased by calling the Box Office at 772-231-6990 or</p>
    <p>online at www.riversidetheatre.com.</p>
    <p>Performances are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 7:30pm; Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm;</p>
    <p>with matinees on Wednesdays, select Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm.</p>
    <p>Performance Schedule:</p>
    <p>October 25, 26, 27, November 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 &amp; 10 @ 7:30pm</p>
    <p>October 26, 29, 30, November 2, 3, 5 ,6, 9, 12 &amp; 13 @ 2pm</p>
    <p>October 28, 29, November 4, 5, 11 &amp; 12 @ 8pm</p>

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